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Boholanos Protest Panglao Reclamation Project

A huge crowd of protestors went to the streets yesterday to drumbeat their strong objection on the controversial proposal to do an off-shore reclamation project in the tourists' haven of Bohol.
By Bohol Chronicle

Some 2000 protesters echoed their voices to firm up their indignation to those behind the project which is a "landmark of environmental destruction" in Panglao.

According to the objectors, the reclamation will destroy an already fragile marine ecosystem and pose serious threats to the biodiversity of the area.

The protesters assemble at the Plaza fronting the Capitiol as some of their leaders took turns in urging provincial officials to reject and recall all plans to reclaim land in Panglao.

The project's opposition has gained support from various groups, including environmental lawyers who vowed to raise the matter to the courts.

Former Panglao mayor Dr. Doloreich Dumaluan said he is optimistic any plans to reclaim Panglao Bay would not push through as this will …