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Bohol Federation of Disabled Persons (BFDP)

The move to make Bohol public and private business establishments friendly to "differently-able" persons and compliant with applicable national law on accessibility gets to the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) and it takes a blind man to show the mayors the way.    Bohol Federation of Disabled Persons (BFDP) president and sight impaired Mateo Quilas pointed to the Bohol mayors that a tourism destination, apart from being a wholesome experience for the normal tourist also needs to be friendly to the physically impaired as well.
   Quilas, an active advocate for the rights of the differently abled appealed for the physically challenged persons during the LMP bimonthly meeting in Inabanga town.
   The appeal was for the BFDP to partner with mayors in implementing the provisions of the accessibility law and press establishments to do the necessary changes before the local chief executives grant building and business permits and licenses.
   The appeal also came as d…