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Chocolate Hills in Bohol a Tourism Jewel

Press Release: In tune with his advocacy to protect and preserve the country's natural wonders and the environment in general, Rep. Erico B. Aumentado (2nd district, Bohol) has filed a bill in Congress seeking the implementation of stiffer penalties to entities or individuals that would cause the pillage, destruction and defacement to any of the world renowned Chocolate Hills of Bohol. 

Fuelled by the destruction of several hills in the towns of Carmen and Sagbayan, Bohol, before his nine-year governorship, the solon pressed for the filing of House Bill 6137, otherwise known as the Chocolate Hills Protection Act of 2012 described as " AN ACT DECLARING THE CHOCOLATE HILLS AS NATIONAL PATRIMONY, NATURAL HERITAGE PARK AND GEOLOGICAL MONUMENTS, PENALIZING THEIR PILLAGE, DESTRUCTION AND DEFACEMENT, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES".

When enacted into law, all persons whether natural or juridical who will violate the Act, shall upon conviction be meted with imprisonment ranging from si…