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You Have To Stop Me, says Tagbilaran Mayor

Sunday Post: You have to stop me, Lim tells his critics  
You have to stop me from doing what is best for Tagbilaran.            
This was the message issued by Mayor Dan Lim to his critics who have resorted to a signature campaign in a bid to stop the P50-million earmarked for the rehabilitation of city roads.            
 "If you think I will give in to orchestrated pressure, think again," Lim said in a message address to his critics.            
The mayor has maintained that the opposition to the loan is orchestrated by his political rivals in a bid to score a psychological victory if the project will not push through.            
 "I do what I believe is right – even if it is unpopular and even if it costs me my reelection," the outspoken mayor declared.            
He recalled that some of the major programs of his administration encountered rough sailing from his critics.            
 "My critics wanted to stop our support for education first by saying not all …

Vice-Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera has a birthday message to Rep. Edgar Chatto

Sunday Post: Vice-Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera has a birthday message to Rep. Edgar Chatto: expect a friendly competition in the gubernatorial race.
      Herrera gave the message when asked to comment on Chatto's birthday celebration which falls on Sunday, Feb. 21.
      The vice-governor and the first district solon were long-time political allies but turned bitter rivals when they both set their sights on the governorship which will be vacated by Gov. Erico Aumentado.
      "The election is only up to May 10 but life goes on," the vice-governor explained his message.
      Herrera said he would like the friendship between them to remain even though the rivalry has intensified as the election nears.
      He added that the issues against each other cannot be prevented for obvious reasons.
      "He sees things differently and he has a different style so the differences cannot be prevented," the vice-governor added.
      Herrera, however, stressed that friendship has …

Marriage in Inabanga Bohol

44 Cuaming couples wed 
FORTY-FOUR couples in Cuaming Island Friday exchanged marriage vows in a mass wedding that Inabanga Mayor Jose Jono Jumamoy presided.
  Aside from their respective families, students teachers, the community in general and guests led by Gov. Erico Aumentado witnessed the civil rites legally binding the couples "for better or for worse,"
  Jumamoy urged the newly-weds to practice responsible parenthood and actively participate in his other advocacy – poverty reduction.

OFWs aknowledge Bohol Representative Chatto’s deep concern

OFWs aknowledge Chatto's deep concern
Rep. Edgar Chatto's concern for the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) is widely recognized and appreciated by the sector whose remittances help keep the economy afloat. 
Sources in the local business community even remarked it does not exaggerate to say that this is in itself Chatto's one way of contributing to the economy. 
But the Bohol congressman's indelible imprint on the lives of the migrant workers is his rescue of the OFWs in critical condition, even from imminent death. 
He had caused the release from foreign jails of OFWs who were falsely charged, oftentimes by their cruel masters and employers, with crimes and offenses they had not committed. 
Chatto facilitated the repatriation of many OFWs who had long been hiding or safekept after running away from their tyrant employers. 
Boholana maids who were abused in all forms, including rape and torture, in certain Middle East domains found Chatto their liberator from suffering. 
In s…

Edgar Chatto's Birthday in Balilihan, Bohol Philippines

The colorful political career of first district Cong. Edgar Chatto will be capped with his 50th birthday being celebrated today with the long and winding road ahead  leading to his biggest political battle looming large in the horizon.
Marking the golden event is a big blow out party in his hometown Balilihan starting this morning. 
A product of political unification of elections past, the coming political exercise is a formidable one as he is pitted against an equally strong opponent in V-Gov. Julius Ceasar Herrera.
Confident of his achievements that dated back to his days as Kabataang Barangay (KB) federation chair, the gentleman from Balilihan is staking his refutation as an unbeaten politician in all his political fights when he is ranged against the Calape heavyweight.
He has been a Balilihan mayor, vice governor and three- term congressman with the coveted plum of being Bohol governor next in line of his continuing quest to stay on top of his chosen career. 
As Chatto faces another c…