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Habal-habal Supporting a Congressman Running for Governor

A new strong Bohol alliance of habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) drivers and operators supports the bill of Rep. Edgar Chatto legalizing operation which has provided them livelihood, fed their families and sustained education of their children.
A resolution of the Habal-habal Association of True Operators and Drivers in Bohol (HATOD Bohol) endorsing House Bill 3726 will be transmitted to the Senate for its parallel urgent positive action on the measure.  
The leaders of different habal-habal groups in Tagbilaran City and municipalities across the province assembled in a consultative forum at JJ's Seafod Village here on Friday, forming HATOD Bohol as the umbrella organization.
The alliance expressed hope that in solidly supporting the habal-habal bill and being united in their cause their two-wheel transport industry can finally get legal basis.
The consultative assembly was attended by Chatto himself, Yvonne Campoamor who is the assistant of Land Transportation Office (LTO) – Tagbilar…

Demolition of Beach Resorts in Panglao Island, Bohol Philippines

By Romy Teruel Sunday Post
Panglao Mayor  Benedicto Alcala's political will has made him man of the hour. Lack of allies in the Sangguniang Bayan is a major setback but this did not deter Mayor Alcala from enforcing the 20-meter salvage zone initially at the Alona beach area of Panglao.  He ordered the demolition of structures that were constructed within prohibited zone, something his predecessors did not even think of.   Those affected hated him but he has shown that he is made of sterner stuff and he has gained the admiration of those who not only want the law enforced but also those who want to preserve and continue to enjoy the best tourism asset of Panglao.  
The 20 meters salvage zone in beaches is mandated by the Water Code of the Philippines and reinforced by Executive Order No. 13 of Gov. Erico B. Aumentado, and the Sangguniang Bayan of Panglao itself when it adopted into an ordinance the guidelines set by the Panglao Island Tourism Development Inter-agency Task Force.