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Grand Alumni Homecoming of Boholanos Worldwide

By Ben Cal

Thousands of Boholanos around the world continue to arrive in this bustling city for the grand celebration of the 5th "Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibook Kalibutan" that will last for two weeks. 

The biggest number of arrival the past five days comprise of Boholanos residing in the United States. Other delegations come from Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

Not far behind are Boholanos living in other parts of the Philippines who have faithfully been coming home to attend Bohol's biggest extravaganza of merry-making and class reunions.

"Bohol island will literally sink by an inch with the arrival of balikbayans," Betty Veloso-Garcia, TBTK chairperson said.

The TBTK was first held in 2008 to entice Boholanos living abroad and other parts of the Philippines to visit their home province to renew their camaraderie with relatives and friends whom they have not seen for years.

The annual event is usually held in July but organizers have decided to move…