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Spirit of Bohol

THE SPIRIT OF BOHOL, A CONSENSUS FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE We are all a people in crisis either in economic or moral sense or both. This is heightened by the National Events that are unfolding. Like the debate between economic development and environmental interests, there are no simple solutions... only enlightened choices.
The need to strike a balance between environmental conservation and development is one of the greatest challenges facing us today. For a good quality of life to exist, Boholanos must have the assurance of a healthy environment and stable economic climate to sustain us into the future.
This is the kind of development we need. Fundamentally, we are looking here at the re-invention of an agency tasked to utilize and distribute a natural resource. This question has to be asked- was there a consensus process undertaken? Where all significant interest represented and respected? Did it allow the parties involved to design a process appropriate to their special circumstances…