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Elections Bohol Politics 2010

Campaign on your own merits, not ride on others. 
    This was the advice given by Vice Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera to prospective candidates expected to run in the next election. 
    "Tell the people what you have done and what you can do," the vice governor declared. 
    Herrera issued the statement in response to complaints that prospective candidates either ride on the advocacies of others, imitate the initiatives of their rivals or simply resort to mud-slinging and black propaganda. 
    The vice-governor did not identify what these projects are saying that he wants to give the concerned officials time to check their own people just in case they are not aware of it. 
    "I do not want to give them an excuse that they are not aware of what their subordinates are doing," he added. 
    Herrera said he has been gathering evidence that certain government projects are being used to campaign for specific candidates. 
    "This is immoral and shameful,…