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Bohol Philippines Politics and Elections in 2010

By Boy Guingguing, Sunday Post
Elections are all about hostility not unity 
Forget about unity. Think about hostility. That's elections are all about.
Why should our candidates foist on the electorate the merits of unity when
elections should have meant voters are given the freedom to choose.  First of all, elections are taken to mean the collision of hostile forces. For if political exercises are meant to be a choice between two friendly forces we might as well abdicate our right of suffrage to our so-called leaders who have the temerity of dictating our choices. 
In elections past, we had seen how leaders dictated the tempo of elections by herding candidates under one party. 
The coming one promises to end  all the scandalous machinations  of the powers-that-be to foster unification. 
What use to be the order of the day of elections past  became clearer to the common man that indeed the 2010 electoral combat is one that promises the electorate the right of a lifetime on the  basis of hi…