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Training Center in Bohol

This Center provides the training venue of most of the SWCF projects in the province.  It is also open to other groups who wish to take advantage of the facility.  The Center offers board and lodging, audio visual equipment, trainors, speakers and biodiversity guides on subjects ranging from natural resource management, community development, agroforestry, livestock management and environmental education program for the youth.  
INFORMATION SHED AND BOARDS - These are boards displaying   information on biodiversity especially that of the province of Bohol.

Bohol Environmental Learning Center

BEMO-SWCF   ENVIRONMENTAL LEARNING CENTER (ELC) - is one of the components of the BBC that houses all educational and research materials from the collection of SWCF and BEMO.  It includes data on the Complex' flora and fauna inventories and research, forestry materials and its related subjects especially on terrestrial sciences.  Students, researchers and teachers are welcome to use and   research in this center.

Bohol Livestock Center

OPV LIVESTOCK FIELD CENTER in Bohol - This center implements the provincial  government livestock dispersal program and research which include production for dispersal stocks,  training and research  in livestock management for its farmer beneficiaries. Livestock found in the Center are carabaos, goats, chicken, ducks and cows. The Center contains a collection of forage species for livestock feeds.

Bohol Karst Trail and Composting Center

SWCF-BEMO KARST TRAIL - This 0.25 km. trail goes through the dipterocarp arboretum area in karst soil. It features some of the typical soil formations and vegetation of a karst area. It is also developed as a future seed source for dipterocarps in the province.  
BEMO VERMI-COMPOSTING CENTER – This component demonstrates the production of vermi-castings for fertilizer. It supports the provincial government advocacy for organic production.  This component demonstrates a symbiotic relationship with neighboring farmers and the OPV Livestock Center. The OPV Livestock center and the Complex' nurseries make use of the vermicast as fertilizers and at the same time contribute its farm residues and manure as substrates for the vermi-cast production. The center also offers lectures and trainings to any group interested in vermi-cast production.  It also conducts researches related to vermi-cast production 

Tree Propagation in Bohol Philippines

SWCF-BEMO-CVSCAFT DIPTEROCARP TREE PROPAGATION AND DOMESTICATION FACILITY This area produces dipterocarps seedlings through sexual and asexual method. The main objective of this facility is to inventory, conserve and propagate dipterocarps species found in the province and to establish a dipterocarp species collection from other part of the country.  Another activity is also the inventory and mapping of all the dipterocarps species locations in the province for conservation and propagation purposes. The area has a mini-lab that can accommodate student researchers interested in vegetative propagation and related subjects.           

Bohol Rainforestation Site

CVSCAFT RAINFORESTATION SITE was established in 1998. This 1.2 hectare tree farm contains 1,200 individual trees.  The area boasts of a total of 108 indigenous species, 82 of which are planted and 26 species are from natural regeneration. Eight of the species are dipterocarps. This area is the CVSCAFT's demonstration of forest restoration as well as a learning/laboratory site for students, researchers and other interested groups. 

Bohol Environment Code: First in the Philippines

Bohol Environment Code of 1998 – mandated the Provincial Government to adopt all measures to actively share the responsibility of the National Government particularly DENR in securing the perpetual existence of all endemic plants in the province.
Memorandum of Agreement –Sept. 16, 2002 – This MOA participated by the Provincial Government, the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources  (DENR), the Central Visayas State College of Agriculture, Forestry and Technology  (CVSCAFT) and the Soil and Water Conservation Foundation, Inc.  (SWCF), served as the basis for the establishment of an endemic forest nursery located in the heartland of Bohol to support the provincial programs aimed at enhancing the biodiversity of the province and particularly restoring its diminishing dipterocarps forest and preventing its extinction.

Endemic Nursery in Bohol Island

The Provincial government designated the Bohol Environmental Management Office (BEMO) as the lead agency in the establishment of an endemic nursery designed to support the forest restoration program of the province. CVSCAFT commitment was the allocation of space in its Bilar campus for the needed buildings and infrastructures and the participation of the forestry teachers and students in the nursery activities as part of their learning process.  Expectations from DENR were identification of the sources of the endemic species in the province and  provision of a regular representative to give technical support to the project.  SWCF's role was to provide financial and logistic support for the project,  develop IEC materials, initiate research and other studies and provide training on biodiversity management and conservation.  

Bohol Activities During Sandugo Festival

With a star-studded visitors led by Binay, Bohol will flare up to the beat of sights and sounds as the Sandugo highlight is staged at the CPG Sports Complex as all systems go for the street dancing and parade under the auspices of the Bohol Sandugo Foundation Inc., chaired by Mayor Lim.  

Dancing and gyrating to the beat of Sandugo drums, at least eight contingents will display their wares during the parade starting at the city tourist port. 

Only four entries will slug it out in the competition of the festival where the first placer is expected to be awarded P200,000. The rest of the participants will present their respective numbers to the expected delight of thousands of spectators.

To ensure and orderly presentation, Provincial Director PSSupt Rodolfo A. Llorca assured that security and traffic concerns are being ironed out. The parade which will start at 12;30 PM will traverse thru Gallares St. from the city port then to J. S. Torralba street, Pres. Carlos Garcia Avenue and…

Bohol Center for Development Studies

"The Office of the Governor and the Capitol will be helping the PCL all the way." This was the assurance that Gov. Edgar M. Chatto gave to the 482 members of the Philippine Councilors League (PCL) during a special meeting held at JJ's Seafoods Village Wednesday.  

The governor challenged the PCL that as legislators and policy-makers, they must make sure that come August, implementation of laws must already begin to assure the strengthening of every league of the province for management and provincial growth.

The PCL is the foundation and core of the province for the crafting of laws beneficial to the people basically falls upon its shoulders. The governor further assures that the former's work would be made easier for the Provincial Government has created the Bohol Center for Development Studies (BCDS), the research arm of the province, headed by Romy Teruel, to help both the PCL and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) to look into old laws and in drafting new one…

Bohol Picture Contest

Shots from high-tech digital cameras, or the inevitable cell phone cameras to the ever present film based instamatics can be accepted entries for the July 25 Sandugo street-dancing competition.  

According to contest organizers, a camera is only second to the user's idea of a good composition to be able to make up for a winning shot that allows him a night stay in Bohol's leading city resort

According to photo-contest organizers though veteran photojournalist Nilo Sapong, the Pitik: Tipik sa Dugong Bol-anon Photo Competition uses the kilometric span of street dancing parade route along the city's main thoroughfare as the venue for testing the budding artist's capability to see beyond what the usual parade watcher can.

The streetdancing dance parade is a venue to test the amateur artist's skill and pit it against the more familiar mainstream photographers to prove his composition he even can be better, he said.

The contest, which is open for professionals and amat…

Tourism Travel Tour in Bohol Philippines

To appraise tourists about the kind of service he would get in an establishment in Bohol, a tourism classification board would possibly help.

Governor Edgar Chatto, who took the lead in crafting the country's tourism code shared this during the recent Provincial Tourism Council (PTC) meeting held at Panda Tea Garden in Dao a few weeks ago.

Chatto clarified that the Board's task would be to put up a unified classification of accredited tourism service providers and establishment using the star rating system, so tourists would know what to expect when they are there.

Building on Bohol tourism's successes, several local government units and private entrepreneurs have funded for establishments and service and splurge on promotional activities without being fully familiar with the industry, PTC members said.

Not a few tourists have already shared their dismay about getting into an establishment selling itself through the internet, only to find that its accommodations are minimal. 


Balicasag Island in Panglao Island Bohol

At the crossroads of a booming tourism industry and the challenge of preserving our world-class dive sites from continued degradation, concerns have been expressed for the well-being of coral reefs that abound in Balicasag Island and other dive locations in the province.

With the steadily growing popularity of Bohol's dive destinations among scuba diving enthusiasts from around the world, our coral reefs are taking so much stress from divers that even dive shop operators fear permanent reef degradation that would eventually destroy everything within our coral reef system in a span of 5 to 10 years.

"Here is a clear and present danger that our very own government authorities, tourism industry stakeholders - including dive operators and resort owners - are very much aware of; yet, nothing has been done about it," a local businessman pointed out during an interview.


The urgency of recognizing the fact that coral reefs around Balicasag Island are suffering fr…

Abatan River Tourism in Maribojoc Bohol

Politics barely affect the community life tours, says Abatan River Development and Management Council (ARDMC).

New leaderships or any wayward development plans along the Abatan river is decided by not just one but a council, and that consultative forum does not threaten the operation of the tours, agree both erstwhile and present council chairs and former Maribojoc Mayor Gavino Redulla and current re-elected Catigbian Mayor Roberto Salinas.

Mayor Salinas said even with new leaders elected for Antequera and Balilihan, the new-comers are not new to the program as they have been a part of the widespread participatory planning process, which laid the ground-works for the new eco-tourism product.

Former Mayor Gavino Redulla, who used to head the council also said that they were careful that the product development, that is, that the community life tours undergo participatory planning sessions from communities in five towns to make sure everybody knows what they are into.

Speaking at the rece…

Bohol is Rabbies-Free in 2010

Freedom from the threat of rabies is the shout resounded by Anti-Rabies council members, a thing Bohol may be able to achieve this year if the right conditions are met.
One more year, says Provincial veterinarian Dr. Stella Marie Lapiz, and if Bohol is pegs a high dog vaccination rate, it is most likely that we can be declared free from the threat of rabies this year and beyond.
Achieving the citation however does not come easy, Dr. Lapiz who heads the Bohol Rabies Prevention and Eradication Council (BRPEC) said.
Much of the success would come mostly from the Bantay Rabies sa Barangay (BRB) who are overseeing the registration and vaccination of dogs in their areas. And the continued active involvement of the local leaders would play major roles, Dr, Lapiz said.
BRB are community-based volunteers composed mostly of barangay officials whose main responsibility is to translate and execute the rabies program at the frontlines according to established implementing guidelines and the provisions…

Bohol Gov Flies to South Korea

Governor Erico Aumentado will leave for South Korea Tuesday to attend groundbreaking ceremonies for the pilot algae bio-ethanol processing plant in Goheung County , and to meet with senior economic ministers in Seoul to discuss the mega projects for Bohol proposed for Official Development Assistance (ODA) funding.
From Goheung, the Aumentado team will proceed to Seoul to meet with Man-Soo Kang, senior economic adviser to President Lee Myung Bak and chair of the Presidential Council on National Competitiveness as well as former Ambassador to the Philippines and adopted son of Bohol Minister Choi Joong-Kyung, now presidential senior secretary on economic affairs.
Top in the agenda for the meeting arranged by Man Hwan Park, Philippine country representative of the Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) Korea Export-Import Bank (Eximbank) are the Bohol Circumferential Road Improvement Project Phase 3 (BCRIP 3), implementation of the multi-industry cluster (MIC) projects, the US$3-mill…

Bohol Towns Under Comelec Control

Two places here have been placed under tight Comission on Elections watch following intense political rivalry claims and peace and order assessment by authorities. Tagbilaran City and Trinidad town has been placed under Comelec Category A area; or that which has intense political rivalry and recorded election related violence in the past two elections. Bohol's main city, according to newspaper reports showed an intense political rivalry between reelectionist Mayor Dan Lim and Vice-Mayor Jose Antonio Veloso. An ambush attempt for Governor Erico Aumentado was also recorder in 2004 has been reportedly the primary reasons of its being under the watchlist.  Reports also alleged that the incumbent's organized city monitoring task force as being used to harrass and threaten voters. On the other hand, Trinidad town on the northern part of Bohol has become an election area of concern with tight election rivalry between Governor and congressional candidate Erico Aumentado running against th…

Bohol Army During the Philippine Election

Rising to the occasion to help the Commission on Elections conduct peaceful, honest, credible and free elections, 802nd Brigade Commanding General Alan Luga promised full military support. With Bohol, Cebu, Samar and Leyte under his command, the Camp Rajah Sikatuna based BGen. Luga said the 2nd Special Forces Batallion of about 400 officers and men are now scattered all over Bohol to make sure that people can go out and vote without fear and intimidation from any party or individual. "Your army forces will ensure that all voters are not terrorized by anybody," BGen. Luga said. For every area, there is a Special Forces team, he assured while stressing that any act of voter intimidation would be responded immediately by his men.  The army Special Forces are experts in the military's civil operations althoough these are also trained combatants when the occasion calls for. Pinpointed as one of the major factors for Bohol successes in insurgency operations, the SF are the ones org…

Bohol Election: Comelec Reshuffle

A reshuffling of elections officers all over Bohol came in effect last April 19 has assured the people that no election officer may show bias to his local chief executive. New Tagbilaran City Election Officer Atty. Ricardo Villares bared this as he stressed that the rigodon should put election officers away from the allegations that they are conniving with the mayors and other local officials to assure their victories. Villares, who came from vote-rich Loon also said the Commission on Elections has almost finished its preparations  for the elections. Other than testing and sealing the Prescint Count Optical Scanners (PCOS) the Comelec would also have to attempt to transmit the results of a test run within the next few days. Bohol election officer Eliseo Labaria Jr also said he hopes polls in Bohol would go smooth and peaceful, urging losing candidates to candidly accept defeat and stop being sore losers by spinning tales of being cheated. - PIA

Government Corruption in Bohol Island Philippines

By Bohol Chronicle
For alleged "rigged" bidding and overpriced purchase of heavy equipments, Gov. Erico Aumentado and members of the Provincial Bid and Awards Committee are now facing charges at the Ombudsman Visayas. 
Of all people, the complainant in these cases is Aumentado's erstwhile political protégée, second district congressman Roberto Cajes. 
The solon is now on his third and last term and is running for mayor of Trinidad town, while his wife, the outgoing town mayor, is Aumentado's opponent, contesting his return bid to the congressional district which he represented for three terms; 1995, 1998 till 2001. 
Charged together with Aumentado are Atty. Handel Lagunay, PBAC Chairman; Engr. Edwin Vallejos, Vice Chairman; Laura Boloyos of the Budget Office and Felix Mejorada of the Office of the Governor, in their capacities as PBAC members. 
First cited in the Cajes complaint was the purchase in 2006 of one (1) unit hydraulic excavator (backhoe) which inc…

Protecting Bohol Heritage

THE country can now start its formal reference to a law, which guides cultural protection and preservation.
And for the rejoicing Boholanos, the enactment of the National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009 adds more power to the earlier Bohol Arts and Cultural Heritage Code.
Leading the country's efforts on formal heritage protection and conservation, Boholanos had been guided by BACH Code as the bible for local cultural workers.
And the local law fits snugly into the new law, says cultural lobbyist and enthusiast Lutgardo Labad.
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has finally inked into law an act which provides a backbone for efforts in aggressive advocacy for better cultural heritage protection and conservation of the country's priceless heritage.
For Bohol, the development also puts into formal gear the efforts of communities and cultural workers to protect, preserve and conserve built heritage best exemplified in centuries-old churches, watch and bell towers, public buildings, arch b…

Election in Bohol Philippines

Bohol Chronicle: The Church is calling Boholano electorates not to waste their votes in the coming election which is barely 24 days away.
The call was echoed by Bishop Leonardo Medroso even as he asked the faithful for fervent prayers for a clean and orderly election especially that this will be the first time that counting is done by automation. The church leader said voters should pause and make choices on whom to elect as their next leaders to govern the nation and the local communities.
To give the electorates a better perspective and evaluation of the candidates for major local posts, the forum dubbed as "Sayri Ang Bol-anon" is scheduled to commence next week to be aired live over BCCTV and dyRD-AM, the sponsoring media partners.
This is in coordination with the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) and the Commission on Election.
Gubernatorial bets, Edgar Chatto, Julius Herrera and Cesar Montano are scheduled on April 26 while the one-on-one city mayoralty …

You Have To Stop Me, says Tagbilaran Mayor

Sunday Post: You have to stop me, Lim tells his critics  
You have to stop me from doing what is best for Tagbilaran.            
This was the message issued by Mayor Dan Lim to his critics who have resorted to a signature campaign in a bid to stop the P50-million earmarked for the rehabilitation of city roads.            
 "If you think I will give in to orchestrated pressure, think again," Lim said in a message address to his critics.            
The mayor has maintained that the opposition to the loan is orchestrated by his political rivals in a bid to score a psychological victory if the project will not push through.            
 "I do what I believe is right – even if it is unpopular and even if it costs me my reelection," the outspoken mayor declared.            
He recalled that some of the major programs of his administration encountered rough sailing from his critics.            
 "My critics wanted to stop our support for education first by saying not all …

Vice-Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera has a birthday message to Rep. Edgar Chatto

Sunday Post: Vice-Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera has a birthday message to Rep. Edgar Chatto: expect a friendly competition in the gubernatorial race.
      Herrera gave the message when asked to comment on Chatto's birthday celebration which falls on Sunday, Feb. 21.
      The vice-governor and the first district solon were long-time political allies but turned bitter rivals when they both set their sights on the governorship which will be vacated by Gov. Erico Aumentado.
      "The election is only up to May 10 but life goes on," the vice-governor explained his message.
      Herrera said he would like the friendship between them to remain even though the rivalry has intensified as the election nears.
      He added that the issues against each other cannot be prevented for obvious reasons.
      "He sees things differently and he has a different style so the differences cannot be prevented," the vice-governor added.
      Herrera, however, stressed that friendship has …

Marriage in Inabanga Bohol

44 Cuaming couples wed 
FORTY-FOUR couples in Cuaming Island Friday exchanged marriage vows in a mass wedding that Inabanga Mayor Jose Jono Jumamoy presided.
  Aside from their respective families, students teachers, the community in general and guests led by Gov. Erico Aumentado witnessed the civil rites legally binding the couples "for better or for worse,"
  Jumamoy urged the newly-weds to practice responsible parenthood and actively participate in his other advocacy – poverty reduction.

OFWs aknowledge Bohol Representative Chatto’s deep concern

OFWs aknowledge Chatto's deep concern
Rep. Edgar Chatto's concern for the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) is widely recognized and appreciated by the sector whose remittances help keep the economy afloat. 
Sources in the local business community even remarked it does not exaggerate to say that this is in itself Chatto's one way of contributing to the economy. 
But the Bohol congressman's indelible imprint on the lives of the migrant workers is his rescue of the OFWs in critical condition, even from imminent death. 
He had caused the release from foreign jails of OFWs who were falsely charged, oftentimes by their cruel masters and employers, with crimes and offenses they had not committed. 
Chatto facilitated the repatriation of many OFWs who had long been hiding or safekept after running away from their tyrant employers. 
Boholana maids who were abused in all forms, including rape and torture, in certain Middle East domains found Chatto their liberator from suffering. 
In s…

Edgar Chatto's Birthday in Balilihan, Bohol Philippines

The colorful political career of first district Cong. Edgar Chatto will be capped with his 50th birthday being celebrated today with the long and winding road ahead  leading to his biggest political battle looming large in the horizon.
Marking the golden event is a big blow out party in his hometown Balilihan starting this morning. 
A product of political unification of elections past, the coming political exercise is a formidable one as he is pitted against an equally strong opponent in V-Gov. Julius Ceasar Herrera.
Confident of his achievements that dated back to his days as Kabataang Barangay (KB) federation chair, the gentleman from Balilihan is staking his refutation as an unbeaten politician in all his political fights when he is ranged against the Calape heavyweight.
He has been a Balilihan mayor, vice governor and three- term congressman with the coveted plum of being Bohol governor next in line of his continuing quest to stay on top of his chosen career. 
As Chatto faces another c…

Tax Campaign in Bohol Philippines

BIR Commissioner Joel L. Tan-Torres' Tax Campaign theme and slogan for 2010 "Making the Public Know" (RMO No, 3-2010) will be launched for this revenue district on Wednesday, February 17 at the Island City, Dao, Tagbilaran City. The activity will start at 8:30 a.m. with a motorcade from the BIR office at M. Torralba St. (back of Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital) moving through the main city streets. The aim is to awaken our tax conscious Boholanos that the advent of the Income Tax filing season is here which deadline is on April 15. A short program will follow at the Island City Mall hopefully to end once again with penned pledges of support by taxpayers towards the achievement of collection goals. CY 2009 collection of BIR-Bohol registered a .03% overshot of the 2009 given goal while January 2010 collection summed a 1.8% increase over last year's collection even with a February 1 registration deadline. 

This launching activity is set to kick off the start of…

Antonio Ong Guat, the founder of Bohol Quality Store

From Sunday Post I pay my sincerest condolences to Antonio Ong Guat, the founder of Bohol Quality Store. My family especially my late Mom owed a lot of gratitude to him. Little is known of the fact that my Mom as a school teacher, was making school teaching charts with her crude rubber printing set. I used to accompany her to Tagbilaran to buy her supplies at Bohol Quality Store, and bought her supplies direct from Ong Guat. Suki niya si Ong Guat to the point that he would attend to her when she goes to the store. In fact, nagpapautang pa siya ni Mom, which she paid when she sold her teaching materials to the new teachers.

I suggest that the provincial and city governments should honor Ong Guat with a posthumous award in recognition of his efforts to be the founder of a business empire in Bohol, which has presently employed thousands of Boholanos presently. I think everybody agrees that his store sparked business to its fullest heights today.

Fred Ong and his wife Babs Gonzaga were goo…

Schools in Loboc Bohol

Gov. Erico B. Aumentado recently inaugurated two school buildings of the Loboc School of Music in Loboc, Bohol.
The first building, consisting of two classrooms, was donated by the Bohol Provincial Government through the effort of Governor Aumentado with the support of the Local Government of Loboc.
The second building with four classrooms was donated by the First Consolidated Bank, Cong. Adam Relson Jala, and Undersecretary of Transportation Eladio Jala.
These buildings are located in the Loboc School of Music campus on top of the hill in Jimili-an, Loboc, Bohol.
The inauguration of the school buildings was attended by Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap, officials of the Loboc Local Government, officers of the Philippines-Australia Community Assistance Program (PACAP), officers of the Loboc Youth Education Association (LYEA), and more than 400 students and their parents.
The Loboc School of Music is a project of the LYEA.
During the inauguration, Governor Aumentado committed additional fundi…

War brewing between the fishermen of Jagna and Garcia Hernandez

By Joe Espiritu
There could be war brewing between the fishermen of Jagna and Garcia Hernandez. If this is not stopped in time it might flare up into an open conflict. Strict implementation of a law or ordinance is good but since nothing is perfect, there must be allowances. Since there was none those who had been penalized would be looking for instances so they could retaliate. Some residents of Garcia established fish sanctuaries. They placed buoys around certain areas so fishermen would observe rules pertaining sanctuaries. A no disturbance rule inside the defined area is strictly imposed. Stiff penalties are imposed for violations. There are complaints for over enforcement of the rule. There is no room for consideration, violators claim. There was a fisherman from Jagna, out of ignorance or defiance, cast his long line locally called paranghe or palangre inside the sanctuary. He was apprehended and fined. Although the chap paid through his nose, he could do nothing since he was a v…

Lady Board Member in Bohol Philippines

By Manuel Ferdinand Ramirez de Erio
According to fitness expert Chad Tackett, "If you have a willingness to work through the initial emotional discomfort as you move step-by-step into (this) new lifestyle, you'll find the confidence, commitment, determination, and belief in your own self-worth that will ease the way." True enough for Maria Fe "Mafe" Camacho-Lejos, the lady whom once upon a time enjoyed her life in privacy within the walls of love of her family and the shelter of her earned comfort in life. 
Few people know and even remember, that this tall and graceful lady Board Member of the third district of this province, at age of 10 years was already in grade six. And, was even the first to be crowned as Bohol Girl Scout Dream Girl in 1967. Mafe finished pre-med in Velez College , Cebu City . She then enrolled in the University of Bohol , Tagbilaran City where she became the class president and graduated with Bachelor Science in Nursing. She tied knots with…

Panglao Bohol Airport Corruption

By Sunday Post The opening of bids for the construction of the Panglao Bohol International Airport Phase 1, Package 1 has been moved to February 5 instead of January 25.
Bohol Gov. Erico Aumentado, go-getter for the P7.5-billion project of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) said closure of the dropping of bids and subsequent opening was postponed by 11 days to accommodate more bidders who expressed intention of participating in the process.
  Contrary to the sender's letter that said dropping of bids will be on January 25 yet, 14 bidders have in fact dropped bids as of December 14.
  Aumentado who chairs the Panglao Island Tourism Development Inter-Agency Task Force (PITD IA-TF) that has at least five Cabinet members in it has repeatedly impressed upon the task force that the bidding must be open, competitive, transparent and with accountability.
  However, Bohol will have no hand in the bidding process as the MIAA, being the implementing agency, is handling it.

Holy Spirit School Crusaders Team A

Holy Spirit School Crusaders Team A has gained a finals berth by routing Tagbilaran City Science High School Virus, 71-73, in the penultimate round of the semi finals of the ongoing 15th Bohol Schools Amateur Athletic Association (BSAAA) 5th Graham C Lim Basketball Challenge Sunday at the HSS hard court.
The Crusaders Team A started strong in the game as the diminutive point guard Paul Visarra, tiny Ken Pinos, versatile Vincent Descallar, and the silent operator Cirilo Atabelo combined their firepower and effective strength in defense to make a 10-0 blast with a little over three minutes in the first canto.
But slot man Esmeraldo Tagaytay, the other half of the 1-2 punch of the Virus rose to the occasion when his presence was needed fought gallantly to pour in points for his team to be behind by 12 points, 6-18 at the end of the opening period.
But Visarra and Descallar continued to furiously play in the ensuing 2nd quarter to make a breakaway. The duo was joined by teammates Angelo Roch…

Ciso "Kid Terrible" Morales and "Marvellous" Marvin Sonsona

Renowned trainer Nonito Donaire, Sr. has started whipping Ciso "Kid Terrible" Morales and "Marvellous" Marvin Sonsona into championship caliber form in time for their crucial bouts next month.
They have opened training camp at the Kennel Gym in San Leandro, California and do their roadwork at Marina Park.
Morales, from Talibon, Bohol will challenge Mexico's Fernando Montiel for the WBO bantamweight crown on February 13 in Las Vegas. CISO "Kid Terrible" Morales (left) and "Marvellous" Marvin Sonsona do a morning road run as part of their training for their upcoming world title fights.
This will be part of a huge fight card that will feature Gerry Penalosa vs Eric Morel in a WBO bantamweight eliminator and WBA interim world superflyweight titlist Nonito Donaire,Sr. vs Gerson Guerrero. Morales (14-0, 8 Kos) held the WBO Oriental superbantamweight crown but will be moving down in weight for his title challenge. He fought overseas for the first time l…

K of C Table Tennis Tournament

The K of C Recreation Center will hold a 1-day table tennis tournament for various age groups on January 30, 2010.
The tournament is open to all ski ll levels and a total of P2,000 in prizes will be given away to winners.
A newly organized table tennis club will facilitate the tournament.
Table tennis players around Bohol are invited to the tournament. For inquiries, please contact Theresa at 038-501-8459 or

Boholano boxing sensation AJ "Bazooka" Banal

Boholano boxing sensation AJ "Bazooka" Banal drew the adulation of the crowd when he hammered the veteran Mexican Cecilio Santos into fourth round submission with ease in the well-attended Bakbakan sa Sinulog card last Thursday at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.
Banal, who rose to 21-1 now dotted with 17 KOs, threw up punishing combinations to flatten Santos for good with just 35 seconds left in round four.
Boholano boxing sensation AJ "Bazooka" Banal drew the adulation of the crowd when he hammered the veteran Mexican Cecilio Santos into fourth round submission with ease in the well-attended Bakbakan sa Sinulog card last Thursday at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.
Banal, who rose to 21-1 now dotted with 17 KOs, threw up punishing combinations to flatten Santos for good with just 35 seconds left in round four.
In another card, Milan "Melinyo" Melindo scored a smashing first round knockdown, but had to toil hard the rest of the 10-round b…

Strong team of Bohol Chess Players

A strong team of Bohol Chess Players is set to join this year's Sinulog Chess Team Tournament slated to be held this month as part of the yearly Child Jesus celebration in the queen city of the south. The team is compose of Bohol Chess Players Association (BCPA) members coming from different municipalities of Bohol joining together to form a formidable team trying to outwit and outclass different delegations from all over the country to win the coveted plum as the 2010 Sinulog Chess Team Champions.
National Master and former palarong pambansa champion Elmer Sumngat of Antequera, Bohol leads the team manning board 1 in this prestigious tournament, he will be supported by a cast of reliable and seasoned players with national campaigner and master rated Michael Teves of Calape, Bohol on board 2, board 3 will be manned by 2008 Cebu Blitz Glenn Pardillo of Tubigon town. Former NCAA/NCRAA top board Roel Gallego also of Calape town will share board 4 duties with a CEPCA player as directive…

Galan and Ballener outscored the tandem of Tanting Butalid-Glen Cabigas

Galan and Ballener outscored the tandem of Tanting Butalid-Glen Cabigas, 8-2 in the Class '2 championship.
The Class '1 title was captured by the Nito Bongalos-Lito Paredes by outplaying Boyet Buena-Boy Castro in the Class '1 title duel.
The awarding of trophies and cash followed. The club's president is Madame Elena Uy while its adviser is Atty. Tommy Abapo. (Mpb)

MUNICIPIO Inabanga conducted anew its annual refresher course

MUNICIPIO Inabanga conducted anew its annual refresher course to ensure that food handlers here have mastered the skills and knowledge in food safety and hygiene, proper nutrition, cleanliness and municipal ordinances.
  Dr. Madonna Andaya, municipal health officer, gave the training rationale to the food establishment operators and food handlers at the cultural center Friday
   "The training aims to identify and integrate different proper ways of  community environmental sanitation, health, sanitation in food preparation and food business operations through the different topics in this food handlers seminar," she said.
  The refresher focused on preparing as well as serving food.
  Andaya, Provincial Sanitary Inspector Chona Mesias, public health nurses Rolinda Melecio and Judith Esto,  Municipal Councilor AlexLofranco, Rural Sanitary Inspector-designate Rex Gudelosao,  Nemesio Doblas and Jesus Logroño gave inputs to the   training.
  Topics covered food and waterborne diseases, r…

Bohol Philippines Infrastructure Projects

By JUNE S. BLANCO  BOHOL Gov. Erico Aumentado continues to make life better for the islanders of President Carlos P. Garcia town by improving provincial roads and providing school buildings as well as post-harvest facilities.
  He led inaugural rites for the concreting of a 1.6-kilometer stretch of the Popoo-Tugas Road with a carriageway of six meters that is the standard for a provincial road costing only P6 million.
  The Provincial Engineer's Office (PEO) under Engr. Edwin Vallejos implemented the project, contracted by the Tagbilaran City-based S & CU Construction.
  Aumentado also inaugurated the newly re-graveled and soil stabilized 3-km. stretch of the Pitogo-Aguining Road, as well as a similar length of the Popoo-Tugas Road at only P3.08 million each, still implemented by the PEO and both contracted by Cebu 7H Technochem Industries, Inc.
  The improved stretches costing almost P13 million are part of the island's main road that traverses barangays Villa Milagrosa, San V…