Mayor Dares Attack Dogs in Media

Tagbilaran Mayor Dan Lim yesterday said his publicized differences are with "attack dogs" and not the media.            

    "I understand the responsibilities of the media and I have no quarrel with that," he clarified.            

    Lim said there is "a big difference between legitimate media practitioners and attack dogs."            

    The mayor said what he is going up against are those who are "on attack mode" against him and his administration.            

    "They are committed to nothing less than the failure of my administration which is certainly not what the legitimate media should be doing," he added.            

    Lim pointed out that his critics see something every time he opens his mouth, in every project he undertakes and in all he does.            

    "I am always wrong even when everybody is always right," the outspoken mayor said.            

    The mayor said it is no secret that the "attack dogs" are promoting the political agenda of people with whom he does not see eye to eye.            

    "If you want to promote somebody, you advertise his plans and programs instead of doing it my expense," he said.            

    Lim noted that the attacks come only from one direction which is not surprising because the other media organizations "are trying to be fair despite their limitations".            

    He admitted that he is "afraid" because the attack dogs have a reputation of bringing down politicians and political careers using the same strategy of relentlessly attacking their victims.            

    "Gov. Constancio Torralba, Gov. David Tirol, Gov. Rene Relampagos, Mayor Joe Torralba, they have claimed credit for the defeat of these politicians, they have a reason to feel that way because of all the bad publicity that they gave," the mayor added.            

    Lim recalled that he himself had been the recipient of bad publicity from the same direction in the past.            

    The mayor warned that "it would be different this time".            

    "I am proud to say I am doing what no other mayor in the history of Tagbilaran has done – which is to go directly to the purok everyday, listen to the concerns of my people and address them as swiftly as I can," he pointed out.            

    For his critics to simply dismiss this because of their agenda would mean "it is personal".            

    "No one can accuse me that even one of my projects are not needed, that I have committed any anomaly in government and that I am not doing my job," he added.            

    Lim reminded his critics of their skeletons in the closet and admitted he is working on this now to prove that he is fair and objective.            

    "It would not be fair if I go after other violators and law-breakers and look the other way when it comes to influential people just because they claim to be in the media," he warned. - Sunday Post