Loboc Youth Ambassador Band

By Sunday Post 

    Barely a year after its inception, the Loboc Youth Ambassador Band has already embarked in a two-week series of performances from Sept. 28 to Oct. 5 in schools and theaters in Shanghai and other places in the People's Republic of China, and from October 8 to 14 in various schools in Metro Manila.

      While in China, the Loboc Youth Ambassador Band, together with the Loboc Children's  , participated as guest in the Shanghai International Children's choral contest participated in by choirs from different countries..

      It's a four-day choir competition set on October 2 to 5, aimed to symbolize and promote friendship between children from China and from other countries of the world.

      The 44-member Tarsier Group of the Loboc Youth Ambassador Band, with Rene Balbin as conductor and Loboc Mayor Leon Calipusan as head of delegation, left on September 28 for Shanghai and other places of the People's Republic of China. Governor Erico Aumentado is also accompanying the group.

      During its tour, the Loboc Youth Ambassador Band performed at Song Kiang University in Quingpu which was celebrating its 30th anniversary; Chang Shou Gong Yuan in Xiao Zhu Ren Bao, Gao An Lu School, Shanghai Concert Hall, and Hangzhou Youth Palace, among others.

      The Loboc Youth Ambassador Band's repertoire included excerpts from return of the Jedi, In the stone, and Manhattan Skyline; Tuxedo Junction; Tequilla; Tinikling; Impossible Dream mixed with Careless Whisper, The One You Love, Can't Smile Without You, Pure Imagination, Open Arms; and China Olympic Song, and soundtracks from Star Wars, Live and Let Live, and Indiana Jones.

      The tour of the Loboc youth Ambassador Band is sponsored by the Philippine Soong Ching Ling Foundation and contest organizers, Shanghai International Children's Choir Contest, and the People's Government of Xuhui District. Ambassador Carlos Chan and Family is the major patron of the tour.

      The Loboc Youth Ambassador band is a poverty-alleviation project of the Loboc Youth Education Association, with the support of the Philippines-Australia Community Assistance Program (PACAP), LGU Loboc, the province of Bohol, First Consolidated Bank, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, and Ambassador Carlos Chan and family.

      To date, there are 164 members of the Loboc Youth Ambassador Band belonging to the first batch of students. A musical instrument is provided free to each of the 164 members, for them to simultaneously perform on stage.

      While the Tarsier Group is performing in China, the Busay Goup continues to perform at the Loboc Children's Theater every Friday and Saturday at 8:00 pm.

      There are also additional 400 students enrolled in Batch 2 of the Loboc School of Music.

      Fifty of the students of the Loboc School of Music are enrolled as scholars at the University of Bohol, Holy Name University and Central Visayas College of Agriculture Fishery and Technology.