Julius Caesar Herrera vs Edgar Chatto in Bohol Governor Race 2010?

      Vice Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera is still hoping that Rep. Edgar Chatto will not go up against him.

      A source close to the vice-governor said the latter is still optimistic that a fight with his long-time political ally and friends will be averted.

      The source spoke on condition that he will not be named.

      "The vice-governor is still hopeful that he and the congressman will not be fighting each other and keep their political alliance intact," the source said.

      Although he has not issued a categorical statement, Herrera has made no effort to deny his gubernatorial ambitions.

      "Gov. (Erico) Aumentado knows it, Cong. (Edgar) Chatto knows it, everybody knows it," the source added.

      The vice-governor feels that since he has made known his political plans, a gubernatorial bid either by Chatto or Rep. Roberto Cajes is a direct challenge.

      A Herrera-Chatto fight will be a nightmare to many of their mutual political lieutenants and most are hoping this will not happen.

      The source said many people have told the vice-governor that the last thing they want is a fight between two close friends.

      Herrera however feels that if there is anybody who is spoiling for a fight, it would not be him.

      "I have made known my plans. If there is anybody who will aspire for the same position, it means he is the one who wants to fight me," the source quoted the vice-governor saying.

      The source said Herrera however made it clear he will not take it against anybody who will run for the top position to be vacated by Aumentado in 2010.

      "He has always said it is the right of anybody to run for governor," the source added.

      Herrera had said in the past that the governorship is not a post that anyone can give.

      The vice-governor had disputed reports that Aumentado wants him to be his heir as a reward for his loyalty.

      Herrera made it clear that while he had cooperated with the governor and supported his leadership, it does not mean that the governor owes him anything.

      The vice-governor said Aumentado does not owe him any political debt in the same manner that he is not asking for payment for his cooperation and support.

      "We both serve the people and the reason why we worked together is for the greater benefit of the people and not our political interest," he added.  - Sunday Post