Politics in Jagna Town

By Joe Espiritu

In Jagna politics, some are still undecided what to do. Of course, the incumbent, those who could still run, would run. But those who have passed their third terms, they may be thinking of running to a relatively higher position. Like if one graduates as a kagawad, he will be running for vice mayor or mayor. It one is done as a vice mayor, he might run for mayor and it one is finished as a mayor. He might run for a seat in the Third District provincial board.

 The enigma in the situation is Atty. Fortunate 'Bicbic' Abrenilla. In the last election he was edged out by Adam Jala from the Lakas and by Dionisio Balite from the Kampi. Being an administration man, he did not run as independent. However, this time, he might try to exert his influence in the higher party levels. It is not clear, whether he will join the Lakas of Pres Fidel V. Ramos or the Kampi of PGMA or the Nacionalista of Manny Villar or the old party of his father Liberal.

 Then it is not sure if he will run for representative of the third district or he will run for mayor in Jagna. The former position would be possibility. Being an official of the NEDA, he is still Director IV or even V now in that office, it would be like PGMA running for barangay captain if the runs for mayor. However, politics is unpredictable. Besides, 2010 is still a way off and he is still busy with the Pundok Jagnaanon in Manila .

 The speculation now is centered Vice Mayor Fisto Pagaron and the Llorens, Exuperio the mayor and Senen the kagawad. They will have expired terms in 2010. Pagar might run for mayor or go back to kagawad. He has not said anything yet. Speculations say that Exsam might run for board member and Senen would run for mayor. The Lloren, Lloren tandem with Senen as Mayor and Exam as vice is not likely. Other unpredictables are Atty Boni Virtudes and Engr Jesus Acedillo. They cannot remain forever kagawads, they have to move on. They are qualified for higher positions. But where?

 There is one man who definitely committed to run as mayor and that is Paris Macarayan of Canuba. He is making rounds to build up a political organization. He cannot be said he is a newcomer. He once ran for mayor but he came to late to be effective. This time he is definitely serious.

 Though he spent most of his time out of town, he has built up a foundation of goodwill among the Jagna seamen, support personnel and their families. His function in the Magsaysay Lines, one of the biggest if not the biggest in the Philippine shipping companies is that of a personnel manager. He has the say in the hiring and if a Jagnaanon is qualified he twist arms to insure his employment. Even those who are barely qualified as long as he is Jagnaanon, will get the job. And he does this without asking anything in return.

 He has not stated whether he will run in the administration or opposition ticket. To him it does not matter. No one has a concession in the ticket of either party. The thing is he will build a personal organization composed of influential friends – he has a lot of them -, political leaders and a think tank of proven personnel. He had intimated that he would not identify himself with either winning or losing political group. He wants to strike out on his own.

 His commitment would bring the Jagna political pot into a boil. At least there will be a competition for the best position in the starting gate. There will be a polarizing of groups. He would attract opportunists and hangers on as well as right-minded partisans. He will have to separate the sheep from the goats as the saying goes.