New Politics in Filipino Style or Boholano Way

Eye Opener
By Sunday Post

This is very interesting. But in Bohol, the basic rule is  that the people are always pro-administration., including  its public officials. There is an opposition but it is more of token than one which can present challenge. Chito Castillo is a good friend and he has been very helpful during his heyday, an affable man. Nanagad palagi ug dili hambugero. But the reality Is, it is very costly to maintain an opposition in Bohol notwithstanding the leadership of Chito Castillo.    There are many reasons  cited most especially by the municipal mayors that it is much better to pronounce their unending loyalty to the powers that be. Clear example, when  the political winds blew in favor of Congressman Prospero Nograles, none of the pro-DeVenecia congressman in Bohol voted for Speaker Joe De Venecia. Everybody left his camp and suddenly he was lonely for friends. That is the basic reality.

 Against the belief of some of our closest friends, they dissuaded me from pronouncing that Edgar Chatto is the next governor of Bohol.   Somebody said "what about Julius, He did not rock the boat for the last nine years, he is the rightful successor.  Yes, that is true, however that is not the political reality,

 I saw first Edgar deliver a speech endorsing  candidate  for congresswoman and the late Venus Borja  Agana, in Balilihan. Right or wrong I told my ninong the late Papa Kiking Chatto  "that your son has a future in politics". At that young age, he knows his ABCs and having studied public speaking that well, I know that Edgar is a prolific and "bombastic speaker plus the  careful use of his language he spoke in fluent  Cebuano  and English languages, flawless,  the real "Mckoy" I watched  his activities from Mayor of Balilihan to become vice-governor in Bohol and there was a time he told me when I met him in Bohol Tropics that he is running for congressman. I said go ahead.

 I had mentioned it in my earlier columns  that Edgar can win the elections for governor hands down. And he can demolish any candidate opposing him not because he has millions money at his disposal, but the people love him. This people's loyalty is something that money could not buy. And the guy is not a bolero. He means well in his promises , and from the rumor mills he has not pocketed  any money from his pork barrel unlike others.

 I have nothing against Julius. He considers himself  related to the Fortich family. In fact he has a defender in our family ranks. But Agaw, please face the reality that it will be  an uphill battle against Chatto. Cong. Chatto  is not related to me except of our close kinship with his good father and mother   If Julius decides to ignore the clamor of many people, modesty aside, and please forgive me, this is a clear political suicide. From a score of ten to 1, it will be two, besides emptying his modest resources., He is a good and sincere  friend and relative but I really feel bad for him to go into political limbo without anybody  telling him that . I have the best of intentions to tell him that, even in the process I earn his anger I don't want him to commit political suicide, others may not care but I do.

 If he runs for congressman in the first district, he has the best chances of all the candidates. And it is not financially bloody. That well touted  provincial  board member Yul Lopez cannot win Loon but how about the other towns. In the earlier days of the campaign when mayors attended the political strategy meetings of potential candidates, pangangahoyan lang mga candidate, nagastos na ang budget, suddenly the mayors could no longer be located. Simple, pag may meeting ang usa kandidato this early maraming mayor ang mag attend because of the obvious reasons. Hindi madali ang lima o sampung libo these days. Kaya  the candidates are encouraged, Some of them entertain mayors in Manila.

 I know of one potential congressional candidate from Loboc, a millionaire by his own rights, with big heap of recourses have been taking care of several  mayors in his district when the final momentum came he decided not run after spending his millions and up to now everybody is wondering why he did not run

 Julius is a straightforward guy and people know he means business besides he had run for congressman before although he lost. Don't begrudge Gov. Erico Aumentado and the rest of the gang who might be ganging on your political  future .

 Unlike American politics, politics the Bohol way, is something else, vote buying and sometimes  use of brute force. The mayors will exercise their muscles in the community, they decide where the voters will vote. The administration has always the money to spend during elections, pork barrels and the incumbent politicians  will pulverize those candidates  not indentified with them. Sa kanila, ang ibang kandidato pang beauty parlor lang. Brasohan ito, although, Bohol politics is not as bad as Maguindanao.