Join Consumer Education Seminar

To add more insight to the buying public on the purchase of their basic needs, the officers of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)-Tagbilaran held a seminar here on August 19.

The activity, held at the Capt. Goyo Casenas hall, gathered the 33 barangay presidents of the Federated Senior of the Federated Senior Citizens Association of the Philippines (FSCAP), and some members of the Jagna Market Vendors Association (Jamavea).

Market Supervisor Peter Jamero welcomed the DTI visitors, while for the other visitors, OIC Marcionela Reyes the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (Osca) Head Victorino Nayga Sr., and municipal FSCAP president Gregorio Tavera.

DTI-Tagbilaran Division Chief Jose Hibaya led the group of resource persons, together with Concordia Erano and Lucille Autentico - -both trade and industry specialists.

Hibaya explained the senior citizens' expanded privileges which interests most of the old-age group.

Erano discussed the consumers rights and privileges.

Other interesting points taken up by the DTI division chief were the part that categorizes the kind of business entrepreneurs- -public market vendors, the proprietors of big business outlets outside of the market but within the town, and sari-sari stores in the barangays.

Erano also discussed the eight duties and privileges of the seminars considered as basis and fundamental duties of the buyers.

Among the concerns raised during the open forum were the need of a strict price watchdog, to guard consumers from unscrupulous businessmen who tend to manipulate the prices.