Top Bohol Events

Editorial of the Bohol Chronicle:
Sixty percent (60%) of the raging stories that stole the headlines in
2010 were election-pegged and violence-related.

That the May 10 presidential and local polls generated 3 of the 10 Top
Stories is not a surprising phenomenon, considering how Filipinos take
their politics seriously. About 7 to 8 of every 10 Filipinos trooped
to the polls - a big election voter turnout by any measure in any
place of the globe - a big step for participative democracy.

The May 10 polls, if for nothing else, liberated the province from the
near monolithic dominance of Lakas - walking under the light, or was
it the shadow (?) of then incumbent president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
It brought a new cocktail of political options for Boholano voters.

Although Lakas still dominated most of the smaller to tiny posts of
power, the big shot tickets was a mixed bag. Governor Edgar Chatto and
Vice Governor Conching Lim together with unopposed third district
congressman-elect (former DA chief) Arthur Yap were the Lakas
"purists" who made the grade.

Former Bohol governor and vice governor Rico Aumentado and Julius
Herrera respectively supported the tangerine party of former senate
president Manny Villar for RP president.

Aumentado won as 2nd district political kingpin but Herrera lost in
the gubernatorial race. Only LDP (now currently LP) stalwart Rep.
Relampagos of the 1st district survived the onslaught of the Lakas
juggernaut - though Rene was technically in coalition with Lakas
(Chatto Wing).

Meantime, losing city mayor candidate Jose "Toto" Veloso, would not
take his "incredible loss" to the incumbent city Mayor Dan Lim,
sitting down. Because of the obvious vote buying, threats and
intimidation from the Lim camp, Veloso believed he should have
otherwise won the city polls in May 2010. "Besides, there's just too
much statistical improbabilities in the election returns in the city,
so I have to file a protest in Manila" the former city vice Mayor

The imperfections in the electoral system continued to display its
unwanted characteristics in some places when the recent Barangay and
SK elections were suspiciously marred by stealthy acts like delaying
the delivery of ballots - that made the some citizens disenfranchised
in areas. In other cases, the results may not therefore also reflect
the ultimate sovereign will of the community. That is thoroughly
unacceptable in a democracy.

The crime of violence showed its three-headed and ugly faces involving
drugs, kidnapping and anti-media violence in our BC Top Ten Stories.
Alexander Romero, 32, an alleged drug distributor's brutal liquidation
near the Courts of Law showed utter disregard and disrespect to the
institutions of justice. Many counter that people who live dangerous
lives are courting out of court disasters.

A Boholano regional sales manager of a chemical company Edgar Cuajao
tasted bitter reality (like the movies he saw) by his ordeal while
being kidnapped by a group who was in tremendous pressure to produce
results in Mindanao. The timely intervention of the Bohol provincial
and Cagayan de Oro city governments, however, prevented a worse
consequence of the kidnap for ransom activity.

On the other hand, the cowardly punch (with a heavy object attached to
the fist) that sent vocal broadcaster critic Richard Bompat to the
hospital for stitches was the most obvert assault inflicted on the
freedom of the press hereabouts - after a series of more subtle
harassments in the past.

But the event only served to unite crusading journalists to close
ranks and not to surrender the
basic human right of free speech to freedom-assassins.

On the economic front, prices of basic goods like fish and oil riled
the normally patient senses of Boholanos as they took the issue to
acerbic public discourse.

In the process of a Fish Summit discussion, the ugly images of the
presence of an impregnable cartel, lack of financing (thus) nourishing
the industry of loan sharks, the presence of too many layers of
middlemen, the disorganization of small fisher folks and the lack of a
Fish Harbour facility came to the fore. Licking the problem - after
identifying it - remains to be many a challenge to most governance,

"Greed is good", the gospel of Wall Street imago Gordon Gekko, on the
one hand, seems to explain why the province is inflicted with higher
oil prices compared to others. As does explain the disparity in gas
prices from town to town, from city to town. But in pure capitalistic
fashion, deregulation and more competition will eventually level the
playing field- unless the players themselves decide to oligopolize.
The public thus loses.

Somehow, people are still hoping for some kind of government
intervention or another as oil prices create a domino effect on prices
of other goods and services as well. Can this still be done?

The final two Top stories to complete the ten, famously belongs to the
fabled island of Panglao, our crown tourism jewel.

The New Bohol Airport, badgered by years of roller coaster ride of
agony and ecstasy, will finally become a P7.5-billion reality with the
PNoy endorsement of the airport to be among the 2011's top ten
priority projects under the Private Public Partnership programs (PPP)
worth P15 billion.

That will be three years in the making though.

On the other hand, overzealous investors hankering for a huge
Reclamation Project east of Panglao is running into a battering ram of
opposition coming from national environmentalists and planners and
local NGOs, the Panglao legislature and fisher folks

With roads, water and power in Panglao still to be optimized, the
ambitious Reclamation Project appears a decade too early-
environmental clearance permitting.

The year of 2010 was exciting, threatening and challenging.

But like in the last 56 years, the Chronicle, as its name suggests,
chronicled the events with the same wide-eyed enthusiasm of
turbo-gassed journalists.

Bol-anon Couple Wedding

Liza is a Civil Engineer and hails from Concepcion, Loay, Bohol. She
has been working for 4 years now at the Athena - a construction
company in Saudi Arabia specializing on marine ports and other
edifices. Romel, on the other hand, is an accountant and has been
working for 2 years now in Ali and Sons, also in Saudi Arabia where he
is assigned at the Motas Division. Even if he was born in Manila, he
went to school at Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro City, just near
Bukidnon, the hometown of his parents.

Photo shows (l-r) Joylyn Yazon; Dan Bacarro (the groom's father); the
newlyweds - Mr. & Mrs. Romel Bacarro (nee Liza Balucan) and Melba
Bacarro (the groom's mother). The wedding ceremony was held last Dec.
22, 2010 at 2 p.m. at the St. Joseph Cathedral of Tagbilaran City with
Msgr. Jeffrey Malanog and Rev. Fr. Virgilio Salas as officiating
priests. Gloria Leodivica Araneta of "SMILE", Philippines was
host/master of ceremonies.

The parents of both the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Dan B. Bacarro & Mr. &
Mrs. Proculo M. Balucan welcomed all the sponsors and guests during
the wedding ceremony. The principal sponsors were led by Hon. Brigido
Imboy & Mayor Rosemarie Imboy together with Engr. & Mrs. Liberato
Lupot Jr.; Vice-Mayor Paulino Tejano & Kag. Eleuteria Tare; Mr. & Mrs.
Aurelio Alboradura; Engr. & Mrs. Flaviano Ilogon; Mr. & Mrs. Apollo
Tare; Mr. & Mrs. Amecias Bacarro; Mr. & Mrs. Cesar Bernales Sr. ; Mr.
& Mrs. Ismael Almonte; Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Bacarro; Mr. & Mrs. Francisco
Sacal Jr. and Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Balogal.

Acting as Peer Sponsors were Mr. & Mrs. Rex Sagaral; Mr. Anthony Tare
Jr. & Mrs. Anthony Tare-Blasco; Mr. Shane Russell Chiu & Mrs. Jemecyl
Albiso-Cuevas; Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Serrano and Mr. Genelou Wapanio & Ms.
Flordeliz Agonia.
The Best Men were Ryan-Elner Melliza & Mr. Mark Leo Balucan while the
Bride's Friends Forever were Janice Sanguenza, Emmylou Basilad &
Rachael Cambalon- Vizon. The bridesmaids were Margie Pagaran and
Charmaine Canizar.
The following acted as secondary sponsors: for Candle - Lucrisio
Blasco & Eleonor Siez; for Veil - Rev. Rommel Yazon & Mrs. Joylyn
Yazon; for the Cord - Ptr. Dan Bacarro Jr. & Mrs. Cristina Bacarro.

The children members of the entourage were: Ring bearer: Randell Jude
Tare, Coin bearer: David Josiah Bacarro, Bible bearer: Reign Bacarro;
Flower Girls: Denise Jasmine Bacarro, Hyacinth Faith Vizon, Deniza
Dianne Bangayan, Melyn Joanelle Yazon, Denise Joy Bacarro, Joannah
Marie Ellorimo

Aeran James Bacarro, Abraham Reducto, Deva Bacarro and Mary Loquias
were the Liturgical Sponsors while Michael Bueno was the commentator.
Members of the offertory procession were: Lucilo Balucan, Amelia
Loquias, Redan Bacarro & Candida Canizar.

What added color to the post wedding reception at the SEGLIM FUNCTION
ROOM of the Bohol Tropics Resort were the following: the balloon
ceremony immediately before the post wedding processional; the
newlyweds dancing their way to the reception hall (instead of the
usual grand march; tying of peso and dollar bills to the wishing tree
(instead of pinning these on the wedding attire of the couple during
the Dance of Bounty; and the trivia questions about the couple with
movie passes given to the guest/s who gave the correct answers. The
guests came from Cagayan de Oro City, United Arab Emirates, Manila and
Tagbilaran City.

Members of the events team were : Wedding Coordinator- Carousel Melgar
- Agonia; Flowers & Cake - Fabulous Events by Boy & Michael; Music -
Infinity Blues Band; Video & Photography- Cebu based Sly Studio and
Make-up - Tracy Torres. A golden voiced friend of the couple, Abraham
Reducto, flew all the way from Dubai to render the groom and bride's
love song entitle "Looking Through The Eyes of Love".

Romel, the groom speaks with fondness at how he and Liza, the bride,
first met - during a jogging session - where both could not present
the best of themselves as they were soaked and damped with sweat.

The groom said, "Liza is a good cook and when I tasted her first
PASTA, I told myself that she would be the girl I want my mother to

" The couple will be spending their New year and honeymoon at the
United Arab Emirates," said GLORIA LEODIVICA ARANETA of "SMILE",
Philippines who was post wedding reception HOST & MASTER OF

For more information of "SMILE", Philippines, call: (for Bohol) -
Ines-090524 36959, Rose-09064529912, Chandy- 09173040563,
Gerry-09164555286, (for Cebu) Gerry 09164555286, Mavis- 09162850966
(for Manila, Mindanao & other locations) Roda Dee-09052686045 or

Miss Pilar Bohol A Beauty Queen

Laruche Joice Bantiles of barangay Buenasuerte of this rice granary
town has been adjudged as Miss Pilar 2010 during the 49th Foundation
Day celebration December 28-29, 2010 by five-man board of judges.

This came as Mayor Wilson Pajo called for more unity and thanked his
flock for 99% active participation in all activities for the town's
big event by barangay officials and private sectors.
Bantiles, who may not be able to participate to the Miss Bohol
Sandugo 2011 for her being a minor at 14, also grabbed the Best in
Talent plum, besting 20 other candidates during a separate pageant
night, said overall coordinator Bert Jaspe in an interview.
Miss Haizel Queen Pore of barangay Aurora got the first runner-up
award while the curvaceous Riza Ayop of barangay Del Pilar settled for
second runner-up. Ayop also got three other awards ---- Best in
Swimsuit, Best in Evening Gown and Miss Photogenic.

Miss Mutya Reyes of barangay Estaca and Miss Mae Ann Soriano of
barangay Ilaud claimed the 3rd and 4th runners-up prizes,

Mayor Pajo and Amabelle Refugio, Miss Pilar 2009, don the crown on
Bantiles during the program attended by the jam-packed crowd that
ended past 12 midnight on Dec. 28, 2010.

Former vice-mayor of Guindulman Marivic Golosino, Ms. Mae Remedios C.
Virtucio of Bohol Island State University, Ric V. Obedencio, Insp.
Raul Bustalino of Bureau of Fire and Totsie Escobia, head of Effective
Development Communication of Governor's Office composed the board of

Among the guests of honor are Rep. Pastor Alcover, Jr of the Alliance
of Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) party-list and Gov. Edgar M.
Chatto during the main event last Wednesday (Dec. 29, 2010).

The birthday of the municipality started with a mass and parade from
the Church to the municipal hall participated in by municipal and
barangay officials and private citizens with the PNP, PIlar Motorists
Association, Pilar Central Elementary School drum and lyre corp, Pilar
Tech-vocational high school drum and lyre corp, Pilar Elementay
teachers, Pilar High School and the general public.

Awarding of certificates of recognition to outstanding Pilarnons also
highlighted the foundation affair following the fellowship lunch and
Christmas program for the municipal officials and employees in the

After several years of working as a registered nurse (RN) in the land
of opportunities, the USA, he went back to school and finished his
both Master of Science in Public Health Nursing (MSPHN) and Master in
Business Administration (MBA) degrees at the University of Texas at
Brownsville - Texas Southmost College (UTB-TSC), Brownsville, TX where
he earned the university's highest Scholastic Achievement Awards.

His experience at the PNAA, Inc. started when he became one of the
founders of the Philippine Nurses Association of Texas - Cameron
County, Inc. (PNAT-CC, Inc.), a PNAA local chapter, in February 2006
in Brownsville, TX. He was subsequently elected as its first and
founding President. In 2007, he started the annual Spirit of
Nightingale Awards (SONA) that is running on its fifth year now and
established the PNAT-CC, Inc. Nursing Scholarship Endowment Fund for
undergraduate and graduate nursing students of UTB-TSC.

Earlier this year, he collaborated with the current HNU's College of
Nursing Dean Ruvih Joy P. Garrote, MN, RN to establish the very First
Educational Program for Nurses of Tagbilaran City that was held in
January 5, 2010 at HNU's Nursing Skills Laboratory.

As a true believer in education, he is pursuing his doctoral degree in
nursing practice to continue his interests in nursing research being a
future nurse scientist. (LEONIDES