Bol-anon Couple Wedding

Liza is a Civil Engineer and hails from Concepcion, Loay, Bohol. She
has been working for 4 years now at the Athena - a construction
company in Saudi Arabia specializing on marine ports and other
edifices. Romel, on the other hand, is an accountant and has been
working for 2 years now in Ali and Sons, also in Saudi Arabia where he
is assigned at the Motas Division. Even if he was born in Manila, he
went to school at Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro City, just near
Bukidnon, the hometown of his parents.

Photo shows (l-r) Joylyn Yazon; Dan Bacarro (the groom's father); the
newlyweds - Mr. & Mrs. Romel Bacarro (nee Liza Balucan) and Melba
Bacarro (the groom's mother). The wedding ceremony was held last Dec.
22, 2010 at 2 p.m. at the St. Joseph Cathedral of Tagbilaran City with
Msgr. Jeffrey Malanog and Rev. Fr. Virgilio Salas as officiating
priests. Gloria Leodivica Araneta of "SMILE", Philippines was
host/master of ceremonies.

The parents of both the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Dan B. Bacarro & Mr. &
Mrs. Proculo M. Balucan welcomed all the sponsors and guests during
the wedding ceremony. The principal sponsors were led by Hon. Brigido
Imboy & Mayor Rosemarie Imboy together with Engr. & Mrs. Liberato
Lupot Jr.; Vice-Mayor Paulino Tejano & Kag. Eleuteria Tare; Mr. & Mrs.
Aurelio Alboradura; Engr. & Mrs. Flaviano Ilogon; Mr. & Mrs. Apollo
Tare; Mr. & Mrs. Amecias Bacarro; Mr. & Mrs. Cesar Bernales Sr. ; Mr.
& Mrs. Ismael Almonte; Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Bacarro; Mr. & Mrs. Francisco
Sacal Jr. and Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Balogal.

Acting as Peer Sponsors were Mr. & Mrs. Rex Sagaral; Mr. Anthony Tare
Jr. & Mrs. Anthony Tare-Blasco; Mr. Shane Russell Chiu & Mrs. Jemecyl
Albiso-Cuevas; Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Serrano and Mr. Genelou Wapanio & Ms.
Flordeliz Agonia.
The Best Men were Ryan-Elner Melliza & Mr. Mark Leo Balucan while the
Bride's Friends Forever were Janice Sanguenza, Emmylou Basilad &
Rachael Cambalon- Vizon. The bridesmaids were Margie Pagaran and
Charmaine Canizar.
The following acted as secondary sponsors: for Candle - Lucrisio
Blasco & Eleonor Siez; for Veil - Rev. Rommel Yazon & Mrs. Joylyn
Yazon; for the Cord - Ptr. Dan Bacarro Jr. & Mrs. Cristina Bacarro.

The children members of the entourage were: Ring bearer: Randell Jude
Tare, Coin bearer: David Josiah Bacarro, Bible bearer: Reign Bacarro;
Flower Girls: Denise Jasmine Bacarro, Hyacinth Faith Vizon, Deniza
Dianne Bangayan, Melyn Joanelle Yazon, Denise Joy Bacarro, Joannah
Marie Ellorimo

Aeran James Bacarro, Abraham Reducto, Deva Bacarro and Mary Loquias
were the Liturgical Sponsors while Michael Bueno was the commentator.
Members of the offertory procession were: Lucilo Balucan, Amelia
Loquias, Redan Bacarro & Candida Canizar.

What added color to the post wedding reception at the SEGLIM FUNCTION
ROOM of the Bohol Tropics Resort were the following: the balloon
ceremony immediately before the post wedding processional; the
newlyweds dancing their way to the reception hall (instead of the
usual grand march; tying of peso and dollar bills to the wishing tree
(instead of pinning these on the wedding attire of the couple during
the Dance of Bounty; and the trivia questions about the couple with
movie passes given to the guest/s who gave the correct answers. The
guests came from Cagayan de Oro City, United Arab Emirates, Manila and
Tagbilaran City.

Members of the events team were : Wedding Coordinator- Carousel Melgar
- Agonia; Flowers & Cake - Fabulous Events by Boy & Michael; Music -
Infinity Blues Band; Video & Photography- Cebu based Sly Studio and
Make-up - Tracy Torres. A golden voiced friend of the couple, Abraham
Reducto, flew all the way from Dubai to render the groom and bride's
love song entitle "Looking Through The Eyes of Love".

Romel, the groom speaks with fondness at how he and Liza, the bride,
first met - during a jogging session - where both could not present
the best of themselves as they were soaked and damped with sweat.

The groom said, "Liza is a good cook and when I tasted her first
PASTA, I told myself that she would be the girl I want my mother to

" The couple will be spending their New year and honeymoon at the
United Arab Emirates," said GLORIA LEODIVICA ARANETA of "SMILE",
Philippines who was post wedding reception HOST & MASTER OF

For more information of "SMILE", Philippines, call: (for Bohol) -
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