Bohol Karst Trail and Composting Center

SWCF-BEMO KARST TRAIL - This 0.25 km. trail goes through the dipterocarp arboretum area in karst soil. It features some of the typical soil formations and vegetation of a karst area. It is also developed as a future seed source for dipterocarps in the province.  

BEMO VERMI-COMPOSTING CENTER – This component demonstrates the production of vermi-castings for fertilizer. It supports the provincial government advocacy for organic production.  This component demonstrates a symbiotic relationship with neighboring farmers and the OPV Livestock Center. The OPV Livestock center and the Complex' nurseries make use of the vermicast as fertilizers and at the same time contribute its farm residues and manure as substrates for the vermi-cast production. The center also offers lectures and trainings to any group interested in vermi-cast production.  It also conducts researches related to vermi-cast production