Bohol Picture Contest

Shots from high-tech digital cameras, or the inevitable cell phone cameras to the ever present film based instamatics can be accepted entries for the July 25 Sandugo street-dancing competition.  

According to contest organizers, a camera is only second to the user's idea of a good composition to be able to make up for a winning shot that allows him a night stay in Bohol's leading city resort

According to photo-contest organizers though veteran photojournalist Nilo Sapong, the Pitik: Tipik sa Dugong Bol-anon Photo Competition uses the kilometric span of street dancing parade route along the city's main thoroughfare as the venue for testing the budding artist's capability to see beyond what the usual parade watcher can.

The streetdancing dance parade is a venue to test the amateur artist's skill and pit it against the more familiar mainstream photographers to prove his composition he even can be better, he said.

The contest, which is open for professionals and amateurs only need participants some P100 registration including an access card that allows him into the cordoned areas during the contest.

Official entry forms need to be fill up though, he said as he added that the contest entry forms are available at the BQ mall's Foto Center.

Come early, get a familiar look at the route, consider the lighting during specific times in the afternoon and you'll definitely be better prepared as a streetdancing does not actually present a perfect time for the unprepared, he shared a tip from his pack of experience.

There is a usual tendency to freeze the action, its good but it may not work our perfectly all the time, he added. Blurred shots that highlight motion sometimes does the trick and a little knowledge of the shutter speeds packed in your standard single lens reflex (SLR) camera can be worth the handsome prizes, he added.

When blurring also works, keeping a simple focus can also land you a major prize, the veteran photographer said.

One problem photographers face when shooting street dancing is the chaos. He does not have the luxury of arranging the participants or posing the best performers, getting the best light at the right angles.

In such a situation, focus on one or two subjects and keep the other performers as subordinates, or keep you camera in the immediate area where the light is best and shoot from there, another photo-contest organizer shares.

Just go out there and shoot, after all, pixels are free, and it may get you that digital cable connection, he urged. (rachiu/PIA)