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I noticed lately that some people who search for Bohol news have inadvertently misspelled Bohol Chronicle as Bohol Chornicle. There are many reasons why people commited this spelling blunder. For one, some are in a hurry to type a term or word in Google and hit Enter without checking the spelling.

There are thousands of webmasters who have taken advantage of misspelled words. They bought domain names based on existing popular names and make a website out of them. Some webmasters would even sell the site to the real owner of the name if they deem these misspelled domain names already profitable.

This is exactly what had happened to The popular name is of course (without the "e"), a photo-sharing site acquired by Yahoo. Someone bought the domain name When became popular, was auctioned and the bid started at $6 million.

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Bohol Organic

Gov. Erico Aumentado yesterday strongly pushed for Bohol's organic agriculture after inducting the Bohol Organic Agriculture Management Council (BOAMC) created by his Executive Order No. 20.

Aumentado said the launching of the Bohol Greenlife Program is a sequel to the provincial government's Bohol Green Project which seeks the rehabilitation of the major river watersheds in the province which provide water for irrigation, waterworks, power, and flood control.

The provincial government has a joint venture with the Department of ENviroment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the ABS-CBN Foundation Bantay Kalikasan to rehabilitate the Loboc River Watershed and the Abatan River Watershed.

It is also in tandem with DENR and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to reforest the Wahig-Pamacsalan River Watershed which provides water to Bohol's mega irrigation facilities with the Malinao Dam, the Bayongan Dam and the Capayas Dam as the main beneficiaries in providing water to about 11,000 hectares of riceland in the northeast basin of the province.

Aumentado declared his full support in organic agriculture to restore the soil fertility and nutrients in the farmlands and increase the yield of agricultural production in a more sustainable process.

He ordered a technical working group (TWG) to work on developing more organic fertilizer facilities in Bohol to provide the necessary wherewithals for organic farming.  

The governor said he will include the TWG recommendation in his budget proposal for the Rice Accelerated Enhancement Response (Racer) project of plant now pay later hybrid rice and fertilize now and pay later programs.

The governor has allotted P30 million as revolving fund for Racer, and this could easily reach P40 million in 2010 since agriculture, together with tourism, is the major economic driver of Bohol and he wants to sustain Bohol's agricultural primacy in Central Visayas.

Bohol aligns three major agrarian reform community (ARC) projects

Bohol aligns three major agrarian reform community (ARC) projects for foreign funding and leading officials are confident the province keeps an ace in its sleeves in accessing funds for its implementation. 

The hidden card, provincial agrarian reform officers Atty. Johnson Sinco and Dr. Tony del Socorro point out, is the convergence formula implemented by Bohol leaders. 

Convergence formula is a strategy of cost sharing in the implementation of projects where the beneficiary local government shares in the costs of the project with the funding agency and the community people's organizations.
Here, a barangay government fund is propped up with the share from the provincial government, other government agency in the area concerned with battling poverty.

Even the people's organization puts up labor counterpart, explains Atty. Sinco during the recent Kapihan sa PIA.
This way, the people realize that they too have ownership of the project and this improves the chances of communities taking care of the project sustainability, he added.
During the recent forum on the air in time for Department of Agrarian Reform Bohol Family Day, both officials reasoned out that it is not the sorry state of the communities that gave Bohol the edge.

While massive poverty in contiguous communities is one major criteria for allotting DAR CARP project funding, both officials also agree that funding agencies find a bias on good track records and in really spilling over development to areas needing one.
This year, according to Dr. del Socorro, Negros Oriental tails Bohol with two project proposals while Cebu and Siquijor each have one.

Eyed as funding agency for this year's identified sites in agrarian cluster communities is Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), PARO Sinco said.
Over the fears of farmers about the end of the government social justice program, DAR is again in communities to continue the mission to distribute public lands to landless tenants.
Modeling for the government, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, in fact placed her husband's vast estates under the land reform program.
Presidential Economic Spokesperson Gary Olivar said the land reform program is part of the 10-point agenda of the President and her administration.

According to Olivar, the President, by distributing the land owned by her husband, Jose Miguel Arroyo, demonstrates that she is serious about implementing the law and doesn't matter if her family gets hurt in the process. (PIA) 

Trinidad Bohol Politics

Mayor Baby Cajes, 'no babe in the  political woods in 3-in-1 concoction' 
By Boy Guingguing, Sunday Post

 Life the hot coffee we used to know as 3-in-1, there is a political equivalent concocted by the most clever politician Bohol has ever known.

 Pardon our description but this is not meant to despise our favorite politician, who is at it again in his role as an astute political animal.

 Truth is, we adore to high heavens his honesty and sincerity in public service that even in his twilight years he is still a force to reckon with.

 The adjective "clever" is therefore complimentary given his colorful political career which to this day still  the envy of his peers.

 We are referring to Gov. Erico Aumentado's announcement in Trinidad that Cong. Roberto "Ondoy" Cajes is a candidate for vice governor. For Aumentado, it was a calculated gambit in making the announcement right in Cajes' territory. Never mind that in the same forum, he also made a formal declaration of his bid to run for his old Congress seat in the second district.

 Of course, the governor was making a tight balancing act as he made the announcement bearing in mind that he should not commit the mistake of opening his mouth as to whoever is his anointed one for governor. As of last report, the governor was as evasive as ever not to make a categorical statement who between his close allies—Cong. Edgar Chatto and V-Gov. Julius Ceasar Herrera who are all eyeing the position he is vacating.

  "It's a party decision", he said, matter-of-factly.

 Meanwhile, talks are ripe that Cajes is the vice governor of choice of Cong. Edgar Chatto. The governor in turn was reported to be rooting for V-Gov. Julius Ceasar Herrera  and in many occasions, he was quoted as having endorsed the vice governor as the next governor.

 If this information is validated no less than the governor, then Herrera is it.

  In fact, in one instance in an affair in Mabini, what was this we hear that the governor has endorsed Board Member Conching Lim as the vice governor of Herrera. This was confirmed by V-Gov. Herrera because he was there when the governor made the announcement.

 Now back to the Trinidad sortie. If we have to read between the lines, part of the governor's opening salvo in naming the congressman as candidate for vice governor (may be short of telling his audience that he is  my candidate) was in line with the 3-in-1 concoction.

 As in the 3-in-1 coffee preparation, the governor is the coffee while the congressman is the cream. The sugar here is of course Mayor Baby Cajes. That makes the 3-in-1 combination.

 Certainly, no babe in the woods of second district politics, Baby Cajes, the Trinidad mayor, is a factor in the –3-in-1 equation considering her proximity to the power to be vacated by her husband.

 But with the lady mayor out of the running,  Aumentado's fresh crack at the congressional plum will go unchallenge from a serious contender.

 This means that the Aumentado announcement made in Cajes' turf succeeded in creating the impression that the comeback kid was able to disarm the lady mayor if at all she's nursing any ambition to succeed her husband. Yes, indeed, why in the first place would he made the Cajes' announcement in Trinidad? Why not in his hometown Ubay?

 With the personalities of a 3-in-1 scenario identified as beneficiaries  given Aumentado's positioning in Trinidad, the configuration   more or less clear the air of the smog of  a Cajes run for vice governor.  As for Mayor Cajes,  seeking  reelection is a path of least  resistance and she can comfort herself that if  Aumentado will run out of excuses to run again, then she can fill in the leadership vacuum.

 For his comeback bid, Aumentado is a shoo-in for reelection. Never mind those pretenders who think that being a public servant is synonymous to public nuisance.

 Like his favorite beverage, a good wine mellows with age. At his age, he has mellowed through the years, and by all indications, he knows what it takes to win an election. For sure, he has not receded his hairline if he is wet between those ears.

 As for Mayor Cajes, she can wait. When she doused cold water to speculations that she is not even thinking of challenging Aumentado, it was one mark of leadership that speaks volumes of the lady's sincerity to good governance. After all, as mayor of Trinidad, she is still the woman to beat in the coming 2010 mayoralty contest.    

Bohol Island Rabies Free?


  Zero may be a record that nobody wants to hold. But when it comes to rabies cases, the rule of thumb is the lower the number, the better the performance is.

  And Bohol is gunning for just that: zero record.

  This after eight – going nine – months into 2009, the province has not encountered any case of human or canine rabies yet.

  Dr. Stella Marie Lapiz, provincial veterinarian, expressed hope that Bohol's record will stay as such until the year ends and onwards.

  This after the province launched an innovative program designed to make the anti-rabies campaign sustainable: integrating rabies awareness and responsible pet ownership in the elementary school curriculum – on top of dog registration, vaccination and elimination where required.

  In collaboration with the Makati City-based IP Foundation (IPF), a non-profit organization that advocates affordable and accessible health care and bridging the digital divide, Bohol Gov. Erico Aumentado embarked on another convergence project – printing of rabies manuals for distribution to teachers in public elementary schools.

  Lapiz said statistics show that Bohol registered 10 cases of human rabies in 2007 and five in 2008 wherein all – most of them schoolchildren – died.

  As such, Aumentado found it imperative to increase awareness in rabies as well as responsible pet ownership in schoolchildren who will become parents themselves in the future.

  To achieve this, he signed an executive order mandating the reproduction of a rabies manual and distributing them to all elementary school teachers in the province for use as reference material starting school year 2009-2010, for which the Bohol schools division superintendent shall provide periodic reports on its implementation to the Provincial School Board.

  As such, parents can now expect their children to recite figures, perform mathematical operations and other functions using sample problems geared towards rabies awareness in the subject areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Filipino and Makabayan.

  Parents and guardians may now find more frequent and urgent the requests from their children or wards to register, vaccinate and put on leash their pet dogs.

  The use of the manuals was piloted in Corella town but Aumentado said Supt. Elpidio Jala has reported that the distribution of the reference material to all teachers has been completed. 

Jagna Bohol Katas Ng E-vat

      A pre-fiesta gift from the Katas ng E-VAT for Lolo and Lola arrived on time on September 9 before the townspeople will celebrate the feast of St. Michael the Archangel on the 29th.

      The much-awaited cash gifts that drew a sort of skepticism on the part of the doubting senior citizens turned out into a big affair of a bundle of joy when 70-year-old up folks and non-pension members of the Federated Senior Citizens' Association of the Philippines (FSCAP) in Jagna converged at the municipal gymnasium to receive P500 each.

      Mayor Exuperio Lloren, together with Social Welfare Officer-in-charge Marcionila Reyes and Acting Municipal Treasurer Raymond Cuadra, worked hard that the amount be released soon and that it would be enough for all entitled FSCAP members.

      The first batch, comprising beneficiaries from the 14 barangays of Jagna, trooped to the gymnasium for the whole day activity.

      The second batch came from the eastern coastal barangays who gathered at the Tubod Mar chapel in the morning. In the afternoon, the four western seaside barangays assigned assembled at the Can-uba chapel for the purpose.

      There were also recipients from upland barangays of barangays Calabacita, Mayana, Balili, Laca and Cabungaan.

      Office of the Senior Citizens' Affairs Chairman Victorino Nayga, FSCAP Municipal president Gregorio Tavera and staff from the DSWD and Treasurer's Office facilitated the whole event. 

Catigbian Bohol Go For Medical Mission 2009

     Catigbian Performance Team showed full support to the 75th Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) medical and feeding mission.

      Prior to the schedule of the provincial-wide medical mission, Catigbian Bohol Mayor Roberto Salinas met with the Local Health Board to discuss preparations for the activity.

      The Municipal Health Office and the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office took the lead among the departments that could be involved in the activity.

      Concerns like the venue, transport, participants, volunteers, medicines and food were discussed during the meeting to come up with a systematic flow of the activity.

      The municipal government provided transportation to the target indigent patients, especially to those who came from far-flung barangays.

      A schedule was made for the 22 barangays so as to facilitate orderly consultations for all the patients.

      Those from the far-flung barangays were scheduled in the morning, while patients from the nearby barangays of Poblacion and Poblacion Weste were assigned in the afternoon.

      The medical and feeding mission held at the Catigbian Gym on September 6 started at exactly 8 am as scheduled.

      Rural Health midwives and volunteer nurses from the PCSO manned the registration and took of the beneficiaries' vital signs.

      Twenty municipal scholars assisted and directed the patients as they queued for the consultation.

      The Municipal Health Officer Dr. Jacqueline Majella Uy, along with volunteer doctors- -Dr. Virgilia Salinas Redulla, Dr. Luricelle Pines and Dr. Eldrin Mascarinas attended to a total of 710 patients throughout the day.

      Nurses from the Nurses Assigned to Rural Service (NARS) program, along with other MHO staff distributed the medicines, courtesy of PCSO, and advised the patients accordingly about its dosage.

      The local police and military were also there to provide security.

      Mayor Salinas, his wife, members of the Sangguniang Bayan and department heads were also there to show their support.

Inabanga Bohol Athletic Meet 2009

  Hundreds of elementary and high school students pitted skills against each other in the recently concluded town athletic meet.

  The sports hostilities proved a success even if postponed until after the danger of further spread of the influenza A (H1N1) virus already diminished. 

   The virus had caused suspension of classes in several schools and the request that the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) skip this town in the supposed to be provincewide medical missions last September 6.

  Mayor Jose Jono Jumamoy had relayed his request to Bohol Gov. Erico Aumentado in the effort to contain the spread of the virus that a pupil of Lawis Elementary School picked up when visiting Negros Island.

  The students, coaches and officiating officials trooped to the municipal cultural center for the opening ceremonies.

  In his welcome message, Jumamoy encouraged the students to learn to love sports and imbibe the spirit of competition.

  "Through this activity, the youth will learn the value of sportsmanship. Joining the meet is not all about winning only but above all, learning the value of fair play," he said.

  Delegates from the elementary schools in the Inabanga North and South Districts, the Southern Inabanga High School, Inabanga High School, San Jose High School, Cuaming High School and Saint Paul's Academy saw action in over 10 events to include running, jumping and throwing events, badminton, basketball, chess, dance sport, sepak takraw, table and lawn tennis and volleyball.

  Although the meet involved student athletes and the schools, it was a local government unit event as well. Jumamoy collaborated efforts with Inabanga South District in-Charge Eleuterio Torregosa, Inabanga North District Supervisor Grace Wielder and the Technical Working Group created for the purpose.

  Winners of the municipal meet will comprise the Inabanga Team that will compete in the Sub Congressional meet on September 23 in San Isidro.