Couples for Christ in Bohol


Couples for Christ Foundation Inc. (CFC-FI) turns 17 on August 22, 2009 with the theme: "Trust In Jesus" taken from the book of prophet Isaiah 12:2. The celebration will be held in Jagna, Bohol on Saturday. There is Anniversary Mass in the morning and various activities in the afternoon. Bros. Lachie Agana and Stephen Ramos are coming to grace the occasion.

It may be recalled that CFC-Bohol officially started on August 22, 1992 after a Christian Life Program at the St. Joseph Cathedral facilitated by CFC members from Cebu. The seminar harvested 36 couples and has grown to more than 13,000 couples in 2000 plus members from singles, youths, handmaids and servants. It went through many trials including the biggest one in 2008 when it was affected by the split in CFC Manila in 2007 with the remnants organizing CFC Foundation for Family and Life under the CFC Founder and now Servant General, Frank Padilla.

At the start of the new millennium, as CFC entered into the fullness of the gospel with its spiritual and social dimensions, the enemy shifted to higher gear in attacking the leaders. What resulted was a veering away that rapidly developed through the years.

The very wonderful work of building integrated communities among the poor became the cause of increasing tension in the hierarchy. There also developed increasing infidelity to the covenant to no longer living out a lifestyle of evangelization, to unfaithfulness to life together, to many conflicts among elders. The results were disastrous poor harvest of souls, many lying low, loss of vibrancy in community life.

And now in restoring the authentic charism of CFC and in looking for the lost sheep, CFC-FFL in Bohol has established a District in the Diocese of Tagbilaran with Bishop Leonardo Y. Medroso, D.D. as the Spiritual Director. It will soon establish a District in the Diocese of Talibon. Thank and praise God, the active members now are 2,132 as of June this year in 22 parishes in the province. As Bro. Pepe Ong advises, "let us just be faithful rather than successful".

Bohol Congressman at an Expensive Dinner with Arroyo in New York?

      For the Boholanos,  there was nothing to worry about, if they knew that their congressman was not among those who partook the nearly  one million- peso dinner in an uppity New York restaurant.

      .The controversial dinner at the French restaurant Le Cirque put on the spot President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's entourage which counted among them congressmen, cabinet secretaries and other hangers on.

      The tab in dollars 20,000 or roughly the equivalent of almost a million pesos. It became the talk of the town after the dinner took place when the country was in a state of mourning brought about by the death of democracy icon Corazon Aquino, former Philippine president. The  scathing commentary about the expensive dinner also became a hot subject in talk shows and news reports because it took place at a time when a good number of Filipinos are suffering from hunger while Philippine officials were partaking  good food and expensive wines in a celebrity restaurant. Le Cirque is said to be the favorite watering hole of the rich and famous.  

      At first, it appeared lucky for Bohol when  Cong. Edgar Chatto was considered part of the delegation, and therefore put him in the company of close friends of the President. 

      But with the dinner becoming like a hot potato after the opposition feasted on its propriety,  the inclusion of Chatto of the entourage relegated him in a bad light. 

      This was reflected in radio interactions in the program Cuentas Claras last Monday where Chatto was taken to task for being part of the President's inner circle.

      In that radio interview over Station DYTR, Chatto was quick to dismiss allegations that he was in that  expensive dinner in the upscale French restaurant. 

      Although he believed that some of his colleagues were part of the dinner party, the first district lawmaker said he was holed up in his hotel room. In fact, he only ordered sandwich for his dinner—in the comfort of his hotel suite. 

      The GMA contingent went to New York from Washington DC after the much-publicized talk of  the chief executive with US President Barack Obama. 

      After the DC tete-a-tete, the group was also said to have eaten their dinner in another high-end restaurant at Bobby's Van's Steakhouse. 

      A Washington Post report showed that the dinner of steaks and lobsters cost the Filipinos $15,000. 

      Sought if he were in the DC dinner, Cong. Chatto  chose to keep mum. He did not answer the Post's text message asking him if  he were in the steakhouse dinner.

Bohol Philippines and Global Warming

By Joe Espiritu

     Last month, spring tides rose up to its highest level, 2.0 meters. This means a rise of 2 meters above the average mean low level and mean high level. This month, the highest tide level is 1.9 meters. To an observer, this is not unusual, nobody actually measured the rise. All those tide readings come from the calendar and the actual sea level may be higher. Seawaters did flood some of the downtown streets of some southern Bohol towns. Luckily, the southwest monsoon winds did not act up and if they did, the sea would be blown farther inland.

     Southern Bohol towns have located their downtown areas on the level space near the sea. At present only those houses built near the shores will be affected by the rise and fall of the tides. In some places erosion had set in driving the dwellings inland. The northeast trade winds and the southeast monsoons had pushed the rising tides upwards that houses near the shore were destroyed by the waves. In some towns in nearby Cebu, people living near the shore were asked to take precautions and sure enough, some houses were washed away by the waves.

     Northern Bohol seems to have an advantage, though population centers are situated in low-lying areas, they are not duly affected by the northeasters nor the southwest winds. The gradual rise of the seabed would prevent the waves to rear up abruptly. However the sea water would penetrate farther inland and the backwash would be more damaging than the inland surge. In southern Bohol where the shoreline seabed rise more steeply and the angling sweep of the waves generated by the northeastern trade wind and the southwest monsoon slams more forcibly, fragile shoreline dwellings would be in danger of being washed out to sea.

     Then comes the global warming. Factories of the industrialized countries of the world, and there are many of them spew up thick carbon dioxide and monoxide smoke from their smokestacks. This plus smoke from forest fires create a carbon dioxide layer to the upper limits of the atmosphere preventing earth heat to be dissipated into space. The retained heat melts polar ice causing the sea level to rise.

     Land areas of low lying Central Pacific nations .like Kiribati and Nauru whose islands had been mined for potash are about to go under. A few tens of centimeters more rise of the sea water would threaten the existence of those countries, if the global warming continues. After half a century, the sea had eroded many of the southern Bohol seaside houses. Beaching areas of fishing boats, once fifteen to twenty meters away from the high water mark are now under seawater. .

     Another one meter rise of the present sea level would be disastrous. Most dwellings and farmlands in the seaward side of the Bohol Circumferential Road, those near the shore or in reclaimed areas will be in danger of being washed away. Even parts of the highway will be eroded. Island towns and barangays will disappear beneath the waves. With the accelerating rate of global warming plus erosion another half a century more will accomplish the catastrophe.

     In Bohol, what are we to do? There is nothing to do but pray, those who know how. In spite of several international conferences on global warming, factories of industrialized countries, the most powerful countries in the world still emit smoke. Should those manufacturing plants stop, their economy will grind to a halt. General unrest will follow. Unfortunately those countries rely much on fossil fuel like coal and petroleum products. Perhaps someday, geothermal, hydroelectric and nuclear sources of energy will replace fossil fuel. But that will be the day. 

Ninoy Aquino Jr Remembered in Bohol, Philippines

      The Justice and Peace Movement (JPM), the Bohol Alliance for Justice, Freedom and Democracy (BAWD), and the Coalition of Concerned Tagbilaranons (COT) will lead Boholanos during the commemoration of the 26th death anniversary of former senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. this Friday, which has been declared as public holiday.

      A commemorative mass in honor of Ninoy will be officiated at 6 am in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church at K of C, Gallares Street, Tagbilaran City.

      After the mass, the joint 26th general assembly of the JPM, 8th general assembly of the BAJFD, and the 5th general assembly of the COT will follow at 7 am at Door 1 Seaside of JJ's Seafood Village, K of C Drive.

      Sen. Aquilino Pimentel Jr., a close ally of the late senator Aquino, will be the guest speaker and is expected to talk on the topic, "Why We Will Oppose the Reproductive Health Bill."

      He will be introduced by Faustino Arias, chairman of the education, research and information committee of the Justice and Peace Movement..

      Aquino was one of the leading figures against the Marcos martial rule.

      Even when behind bars then, Aquino managed to reach out to comrades and triggered several protests against martial law.

      He was allowed to go to the United States for medical treatment.

      Upon his return to the Philippines in 1983, he was assassinated at the airport and was considered one of the victims of extrajudicial killings.

      The martyrdom of Aquino sparked nationwide protests which culminated in the People Power revolution in 1986, restoring Philippine democracy that ended the martial rule in the Philippines.

Bohol Philippines Wins Nutrition Crown

Bohol has done it again – besting the other provinces in Central Visayas with a final score of 92.03% to bag the Consistent Regional Outstanding Winner in Nutrition (Crown) Award via an almost clean sweep of the major honors.

  Gov. Erico Aumentado led his provincemates in going upstage during the 2009 Grand Nutrition Awards at the City Sports Club Cebu at the Cebu Business Park.

  He claimed the Crown Award after three consecutive years of outstanding performance for calendar years 2006, 2007 and 2008 – thus entering the Hall of Fame.

  Aumentado steered Bohol into becoming the National Nutrition Council 7's (NNC 7) Regional Outstanding Province; Tubigon as Regional Outstanding Municipality; Virgincita Anub of Cagawasan, Inabanga as Regional Outstanding Barangay Health Worker and Juliet Manliguez of the Provincial Health Office as Outstanding Provincial Health Coordinator in the region.

  Cebu Provincial Board member Agnes Magpale; Dr. Susana Madarieta, Regional Nutrition Committee chair, and Dir. Parolita Mission, Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator presided over the awarding rites.

  Tubigon Mayor Luna Piezas, Aumentado and Anud gave short responses. Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu Mayor Arturo Radaza gave his response as winner in the City Category after besting Tagbilaran City.

  Danao City, Cebu bagged the Nutrition Honor Maintenance Award for Best Innovative Projects.

  Aumentado listed such projects as the monthly feeding of children during the civic actions conducted by the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) that he chairs as among the factors that led the evaluation team to ultimately choose Bohol.

  He also wished for Tagbilaran City to do better next time.