Bohol Capitol Achievements in 2008

By Ric Obedencio

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan has bared its achievements in legislation and other concerns in 2008, said Vice-Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera.

Senior board member Cesar Tomas Lopez reported to the Capitol employees and officials that the SP passed a total of 605 Resolutions and 28 Ordinances of various concerns during the first convocation program of the year on January 5, 2009 sponsored by the SP held at Acacia garden, Capitol in this city.

"All these accomplishments are the fruition of hard work, commitment and cooperation of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Team. It is our way of giving back to the Boholano public in return for their trust and confidence," Herrera pointed out during the program.

The vice-governor took the opportunity to expressed gratitude Provincial Board Members and the employees and staff of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Secretariat, Provincial Library and the Vice Governor's Office for their continued commitment, hard work and cooperation. "And likewise to all the Provincial Government Offices for without our unified efforts and dedication, all these could not have been possible," he said.

Herrera said that year begins he is filled with optimism and hope for the future of Bohol, saying this will be an opportunity for Boholanos to move forward and continue pursuing poverty reduction by strengthening agriculture, infrastructure and eco-tourism. He also urged the people not lose sight of other priority areas in environment, health, education and youth that hopefully serve as the direction and guiding policy of the legislative agenda of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

His favorite legislative measures, which he personally sponsored gave impetus and attention to development of agriculture sector apparently for food security. These include Resolution No. 2008-272, urging all municipalities and barangays to enact legislative measures implementing the food security program of the government and Resolution No. 2008-524 urging barangay and towns to enact Ordinances establishing or making vegetable gardening compulsory in their respective areas.

To pitch financial support to agriculture, the SP passed Resolution No. 2008-568 that empower the governor to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Agriculture for equity for the procurement of F1 rice seeds under the Bohol Seeds Assistance Program. Also, the SP came in rescue in the rice crisis last year by approving Resolution No. 2008-154, urging the governor to earmark funds of P5 million for the procurement of certified and hybrid rice seeds to the farmers and Resolution No. 2008-313 that allocated P14.5 million as equity counterpart of the province to the DA's Agriculture Competitiveness Enhancement Fund program for the acquisition of upland tractors.

Jatropha in Bohol Philippines

      Petrogreen Oil Commodity Holdings, Inc. and the Bohol Poverty Reduction Management Office (BPRMO) target to plant Jatropha in least 3,000 hectares by end of February as a starter.

      Petrogreen sponsored the first Jatropha Propagation Project (JPP) stakeholders' meeting on Friday last week at Soledad Suites Inn.

      Present during the meeting to explain the details of the project to about 60 BPRMO community organizers and coop members were Petrogreen president Ernst Stengg, Petrogreen Managing Director Poch Lamug, Petrogreen Director for Operations Dodong Pasaylo, Governor's Office Chief of Staff Antonieto Pernia- -project director of JPP, Visaya Eskaya Tribe (VET) Provincial Chieftain and Petrogreen Director Datu Roberto Datahan, and Barangay Captain Alfredo Datahan of Bayong, Guindulman.

      Lamug said the company's past efforts proved futile until Governor Erico Aumentado and Pernia talked with them about a tie up in another poverty reduction program under the BPRMO.

      In the arrangement, Petrogreen will maintain a nursery of PNOC-certified seedlings of Jatropha curcas, the PNOC will buy all the produce of the coops that these seedlings and BPRMO assists member coops in the administrative transactions.

      Petrogreen will also provide all the technical supports.

      Pernia said that every community organizer's projection is a minimum of 40 hectares per town or ten hectares per barangay based on a minimum target of organizing at least four barangays in every town, though this doesn't necessarily mean 10 hectares per coop.

      He also said the coop centers will serve as the buying stations and conduit for all transactions among members.

      He proposed that Petrogreen must give a certain allowance to coops for this service.

      Moreover, as incentive, Lamug said Petrogreen will give an award of P20,000 for the first community organizer to plant 40 hectares in a town at 2,500 seedlings per hectare.

      Then, the first cooperative to finish planting will receive a complete set of personal computer in the latest trend by December, Lamug added.

      Pernia added the idea of having a category on least mortality where after three months, Petrogreen will check the coops whose plantations have least overall mortality of seedlings and will receive P20,000 as incentive.

      So far, of Petrogreen's total plantation of 35-hectares in Valencia, 10 hectares cover intensive operation, Lamug said.

      He explained that the advantages of Jatropha include its long commercial or productive life which spans up to 50 years, its early productive age that starts at 15 months, and its minimal maintenance cost.

      Lamug said that while BPRMO coops under Pernia will plant in 3,000 hectares, he will plant in 10,000 hectares somewhere in Clarin and Sagbayan and the Visaya Eskaya tribe, under Datu Datahan, will plant in another 3,000 hectares. - Angeline Valencia

Puno as Philippine President in 2010

Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno who is facing a politically motivated ouster move found many Boholanos his instant fans and supporters.

This surfaced during a random phone/text survey conducted yesterday by the top-rated weekly program "Radyo Merkado"  (7:45-10am, Saturday)  over dyRD. 

A remarkable 79.2% of the respondents even ventured to say that Puno is a "good material for the presidency."
Of those who tossed him as a presidential timber, 85% explained their opinion that "it is because the nation needs a credible, honest person to lead this nation by 2010.

"We are tired of traditional politicians whose records would indicate having been linked in one way or the other to graft and corruption," the respondents repeatedly said over the airlanes.

However, 19% of the respondents commented to say that "no matter how credible Puno is, he will be tainted with a political color once he joined the elections next year."

In fact the respondents cited that it was not a "good start" that the chief justice was endorsed to the presidency by Sen. Panfilo Lacson.

"Puno should get the endorsements from various religious and private groups because of his integerity,"  a respondent stressed.
The Integrated Bar of the Phils. (IBP-Bohol chapter) is formalizing a resolution expressing their  support for the retention of Puno as chief executive, according to lawyer Isabelo Sales, Jr., IBP-Bohol president. - source: The Bohol Chronicle