Tagbilaran Mayor Draws Battle Line

By Sunday Post

Less than nine months into the May 2010 elections, the lines have been drawn.           

This was the observation given by Tagbilaran Mayor Dan Lim regarding next year's polls.           

 "With very few exceptions, most voters in Tagbilaran have already made up their minds on whom to vote," the mayor said.           

Lim noted that the people already know whether they are supporting or rejecting his bid for a third term.           

The mayor pointed out that wherever he goes as part of his daily visit to the puroks in the different barangays, he can tell that people have already made a decision.           

 "It is doubtful if there is still any development that can make them change their minds," he added.           

Lim said that unlike in previous years, the early decision made by prospective voters is the demarcation line between those who appreciate his programs and projects and those who don't.           

 "Those who approve of my platforms tell me they want me to continue,"  the mayor revealed.           

On the other hand, he said that there is nothing he can do to convince those who don't want him back.           

 "No matter what I do, they will not be impressed because they prefer to believe my critics," he added.           

Lim said this has made the preparations for next year's elections easier than his last reelection.           

He admitted that while he had been bothered by the relentless attack waged against him in the media, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.           

The mayor said that the people are already suffering from "attack fatigue"  so they are no longer affected by the negative publicity.           

 "They threw everything at me including the sink, but it backfired,"  he added.           

Lim said there is nothing like genuine public service.           

 "Our people know the real score because we go directly to them," he pointed out.           

Lim said his pro-people programs genuinely benefit the people so they themselves know that contrary to the allegations of his critics, the programs have trickled down to the lowest level.           

The mayor declared that he will no longer be responding to the issues raised by his critics because they do are not really after public service and good governance.           

 "Anyway, they can always go to the courts as they are doing if they feel there is anything irregular," he added.           

Lim said he leaves it entirely to the people to decide whether they will allow negative publicity, resources and other factors to influence them.           

 "We deserve the government that we elect into office," he added.           

Regardless of what people say, the mayor said they alone are accountable for the choices they write on their ballots.           

 "They will be the ones answerable to future generations and to God,"  he added.