Political Development in Bohol and Philippine Islands

By Sunday Post

Bohol Vice Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera believes that a new political configuration is taking shape not only in Bohol but starting in the national level.           

The vice-governor did not directly say what he was referring to exactly but noted that the events in the next few weeks bear watching.           

 "National politics will largely determine what will happen in the local level,"  he noted.           

Herrera believes that the political realignments at the top will make a significant impact on the local level.           

 "Many politicians in the local level are closely watching the developments in the national level because their decisions depend on these developments,"  the vice governor pointed out.           

He admitted that until this time, there are still a lot of factors that remain unresolved including the standard bearer of the administration party and the implications of the Lakas-Kampi merger in the local levels.           

The vice-governor said the waiting game is going to end soon but declined to say how this will come about.           

Herrera also remained elusive on how many mayors have already committed to his gubernatorial plans although he appeared to be comfortable with the number of commitments made to him.           

 "It would be self-serving for me to give exact figures so I leave it to the officials concerned to make the announcements in the proper time,"  he added.           

At this point, Herrera said only one thing is certain: he is running for governor in next year's polls.           

 "I don't why certain people insist to peddle lie that I am open to another position. I have always been categorical about running for governor,"  he added.           

The vice-governor believes that he has enough experience to aim for the highest position in the province.           

Herrera served as mayor of Calape town for two terms before moving up to vice-governor where he is serving the last of his three terms.           

 "My performance as a town executive speaks for itself," he added.            

Herrera said that while he is not the only one who has served as mayor, he believes he has enough accomplishments to show during his two terms.           

 "We are talking here of solid achievements that remain visible and felt until this time," he added.           

The vice-governor said the executive record is significant because it gives an idea of what to expect from the candidate if he becomes the provincial executive.            

 "If there is nothing to show at the lower level, how can we expect something in the higher level?" he asked.           

Herrera said his platform is open to public scrutiny.           

 "The people can easily see if my advocacies benefit them directly or not,"  he added.