Catigbian Bohol Go For Medical Mission 2009

     Catigbian Performance Team showed full support to the 75th Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) medical and feeding mission.

      Prior to the schedule of the provincial-wide medical mission, Catigbian Bohol Mayor Roberto Salinas met with the Local Health Board to discuss preparations for the activity.

      The Municipal Health Office and the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office took the lead among the departments that could be involved in the activity.

      Concerns like the venue, transport, participants, volunteers, medicines and food were discussed during the meeting to come up with a systematic flow of the activity.

      The municipal government provided transportation to the target indigent patients, especially to those who came from far-flung barangays.

      A schedule was made for the 22 barangays so as to facilitate orderly consultations for all the patients.

      Those from the far-flung barangays were scheduled in the morning, while patients from the nearby barangays of Poblacion and Poblacion Weste were assigned in the afternoon.

      The medical and feeding mission held at the Catigbian Gym on September 6 started at exactly 8 am as scheduled.

      Rural Health midwives and volunteer nurses from the PCSO manned the registration and took of the beneficiaries' vital signs.

      Twenty municipal scholars assisted and directed the patients as they queued for the consultation.

      The Municipal Health Officer Dr. Jacqueline Majella Uy, along with volunteer doctors- -Dr. Virgilia Salinas Redulla, Dr. Luricelle Pines and Dr. Eldrin Mascarinas attended to a total of 710 patients throughout the day.

      Nurses from the Nurses Assigned to Rural Service (NARS) program, along with other MHO staff distributed the medicines, courtesy of PCSO, and advised the patients accordingly about its dosage.

      The local police and military were also there to provide security.

      Mayor Salinas, his wife, members of the Sangguniang Bayan and department heads were also there to show their support.