Senior Citizens in Makati


On a trip dubbed as "Lakbay-Saya", some members of Makati Senior Citizens Association (MSCA) dropped by Jagna on April 16 from their tour in Talibon and Ubay.

      From Jagna, they proceeded to Carmen, then Tagbilaran City.

      In Jagna, Mayor Exuperio Lloren hosted the visitors in a half-day interaction.

      Jagnaanons and officials of the Department of the Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Jagna Federated Senior Citizens Association of the Philippines (FSCAP) and Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) joined the mayor in welcoming the visitors led by Makati City Administrator Emmanuel Villafuerte and Justiniano Iglesia of Viejo Progress led the group. Maribel Lumang special coordinator of the Makati group gave her lecture together with Villafuerte.

      DSWD Officer-in-charge Marcionila Reyes, president of FSCAP-Jagna and OSCA head learned about the trip through a communication that the visitors sent weeks earlier.

      The Makati senior citizens group is affiliated with the Makati Senior Citizens Council (MSCC).

      Through the "Lakbay-Saya", the senior citizens intends to meet people, share experiences and learn about the customs and traditions of the localities they visit.

      The group wants to visit places rich with historical, cultural and recreational values like Bohol.