Lakbay-aral in Talibon Bohol

By Onad Munalem 

    Call it coincidence as itineraries of their respectice Lakbay-Aray brought the groups from Makati and Iloilo City together in Talibon- -a common destination they never planned.

      The Makati group comprised of senior citizens, while the Iloilo group comprised of city officials, employees and NGO members.

      The Makati delegation, headed by Emmanuel Villafuerte- -consultant to the city administrator, came earlier in the morning and paid a courtesy call to Mayor Jaunario Item.

      Item, Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) head Dr. Apolonio Redulla, and officials of Federated Senior Citizens Association of the Philippines (FSCAP) of Talibon welcomed the visitors.

      Item led the visitors to the President Carlos P. Garcia Memorial Session Hall where he gave a Power Point presentation on the updates of the town's projects, before proceeding to the town's interpretive center, the only one of its kind managed by a local government unit.

      Rachelle Savedra briefed the visitors about the display at the gallery like the 3D map that features the Danajon Bank, the only double barrier reef in Asia found in Central Visayas region.

      The Diorama shows the different kinds of illegal fishing paraphernalias and the kind of social activities that greatly affected the fishing ground at the bank.

      When the Makati group was about to leave, the Iloilo delegation arrived.

      They were also welcomed and entertained by the LCR's office where they told Item that they came to see the good practices of the LGU in the implementation of the Coastal Resource Management, Solid Waste Management and the Forest and Forestland Management.