Politics in Jagna Bohol

The next battleground of a battle royale among candidates to capture the mayoralty saddle is this coastal municipality of Jagna, Bohol.

This early among the early birds who are trumpeting their aspirations to become the next mayor of Jagna are prominent names like Fortunato 'Bicbic' Abrenilla, a top brass of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) in the National Capital Region (NCR).

Then the name Joseph Rañola is making a lot of political noise these days especially after he launched last Saturday his JR or Jagna Renaissance program.

Assuming a double meaning for purposes of name recall, JR is either Joseph Rañola or Jagna Renaissance. This political gimmick took the municipality by storm last Saturday when the Jagna native assembled through well known personalities to grace the occasion who included Muntinglupa Rep. Raffy Biazon. 

For Abrenilla, he has not thought yet of how he will launch his candidacy with a bang but there is no mistaking that he is running for mayor. 

But the wild card in Jagna's battle royale is the crucial support of incumbent Mayor Exuperio Lloren. 

If Abrenilla is to be believed, his candidacy is fortified by the supposed support of Mayor Lloren.

If so, then Abrenilla enjoyed the upper hand among the mayoralty contenders considering that Lloren is a well-loved mayor of Jagna for three terms.

The Jagna mayoralty scramble attracted several big time wannabes after the post is vacated by Lloren who shall have completed his term tenure thus making the top municipal post a level playing contest. 

Two other financially loaded candidates are also joining the fray. Both identified with the lucrative seafaring business, Capt. Cipriano Madera and Paris Macarayan are also salivating for the Jagna mayoralty. The two mayoralty hopefuls are said to have built around their fame and fortune for helping a multitude of Jagna seafarers.

As for Abrenilla, it was not known who is his running mate is. But if he has his way, what he wanted is for his team mate to be selected in a convention. - Sunday Post