Catigbian Bohol Tops Real Property Collection

By Rey Anthony Chiu, PIA

Small town with a big vision, Catigbian again topped Bohol towns in this year's real property tax collection efficiency by posting 138.07%, a Capitol document revealed.

"This means that the town assessor and treaurer have successfully done their jobs," Mayor Roberto Salinas was quick to add as he was asked to assess performances of his team during a recent talk with the media.

Both Salinas and Vice Mayor Necita Digaum stressed that the increased collection must translate to additional services for his constituents.

According to the Real Property Tax Collection Efficiency Report signed by Provincial Treasurer Eustaquio A. Socorin, Catigbain leads 18 other towns of Bohol's 47 in posting more than a hundred percent as compared to their set annual targets.

"Catigbian aimed to collect a little more than P1.5M in real property taxes for 2008", says Municipal Treaurer Ranulfo Suarez.

The town collected P2,12313.02 however, a high efficiency rating for a fourth class town, Municipal secretary Ardissa Estavilla has to admit.

Asked what their strategy which brought the increase in tax collection, Municipal Assessor Benjamin Lacea said "hard work coupled with a wide real property tax campaign" which they saturated in the purok levels. 

Over the development, Salinas admitted "this should provide the local performance team with enough leeway to put up a counterparting fund to leverage fund accessibility from funding agencies willing to partner with the town in putting up necessary infrastructure."

"We are not a rich town but our people have big hearts," Salinas quipped.

"Of course, when people see where their taxes are going, there will be no questions when the tax assessment teams go out to the grassroots," he pointed out.   

In related develppment, with Catigbian posting more than a 100% collection efficiency rating are the towns of Clarin (134.38%), Loboc (130.11%), Sikatuna (126.54%), Valencia (121.93%) and Corella (119.96%), Carmen (19.43%), Anda (112.16%), Sagbayan (11.87%) and Sierra Bullones (111.20%).