Ubay Stock Farm

Eye Opener
Sunday Post Column

Nobody has yet prospected on the potentials of the Ubay Stock Farm, for training of potential dairy farmers. Since the days I was a reporter locally, I had already heard about the Ubay Stock Farm but unfortunately I had no opportunity to visit it. Boy, did I miss one half of my life. 

 Today, the Ubay Stock Farm could be the center training ground for those students who are interested in agriculture. Its training resources could be one where our Boholanos can pursue their dreams.

 It was not until last week when I met two Boholanos from barrio  Manga in Tagbilarn City where my elder sister Celia a teacher lives with her husband Gerardo, a retired police officer, These two Boholano applicants are graduates of agriculture but yet they do not have the one to two years experience working as dairy farmers. They were applying for jobs in as dairy farmers for New Zealand. 
They had a degree in agriculture but unfortunately, I realize that while they have the required course, they do not have the required work experience as dairy farmers... Actually there is indeed a very big shortage of dairy
farmers in New Zealand that some farmers are even willing to accept a one year work experience.
So it dawned on me  my since the rolling hills of Ubay Stock Farms
of 3,000 hectares could be an ideal training ground for a work-on-job training for otherwise inexperienced agriculture graduates. Nobody could underestimate the prospects of jobs openings for dairy farmers in New Zealand. The openings are solid and the annual  salary is NZ$34,000
 plus farmers usually provide also jobs for the wives of the free
farmers. There are also perks like free accommodation and free airfare.
During one of my impending visits to Bohol, I hope to meet big honcho
of BIT, Atty. Dionisio Balite a friend during our college days at the then Rafael Palma College now the University of Bohol. If Balite could only open two courses, like Veterinary medicine and agriculture, (even a three-year diploma on dairy farming, with a fourth year traineeship at the Ubay Stock Farm would be an ideal scenario so these graduates could find jobs at once in New Zealand. This indeed an eye opener for everybody and would certainly interest those people who want to become instant millionaires.

 I can be reached at my email address if somebody is interested to prospect on this s idea. I hope also to meet with the overall manager of the Ubay Stock Farm. The chief of staff of the governor's office Engr. Emmanuel Caberte, a good friend has promised to contact him, when I come. 
It is a piece of good news that some high schools in Bohol are being converted into vocational technical schools for these students to start them early on vocational education.

Once a despised course, now vocational education or education for trades people have become important because of the golden opportunities which await them when they finish their education.

If only these vocational high schools can offer additional courses for three years on a trade like carpentry, electricity, mechanics, etc. then we would be able to drastically reduce unemployment in the province.

Because ironically, what we have here in Bohol is a mismatch of the people that we graduate from  their four year courses, and  actual  needs . Let us be realistic. A tradesman has golden opportunities here and abroad.

Tagbilaran City Water Problem

Mirror Column
Bohol Sunday Post

       When men live together, water is always a problem. First is the availability of safe water supply for drinking and sanitation purposes. The second is the disposal of unwanted water. The problem is negligible when one lives in villages but when one resides in urban areas the situation becomes not only apparent but also intolerable. The problem is directly proportional to the number of men living together.

       To address these problems two water systems are installed, one to produce and convey portable water and the other to lead wastewaters away from dwelling centers. However, waste waters are of two categories, one is moisture produced by precipitation and the other produced by human usage. The former may be conveyed to esteros or direct to the sea through storm drains but the latter must be coursed through treatment tanks before it is allowed to be conveyed to the sea.

       Private companies or government owned or controlled corporations, GOOC, may supply potable water but it must be the government, which is responsible for the disposal of unwanted water. In Manila, years ago, potable water was supplied by the National Waterworks and Sewerage authority, a GOOC. The Nawasa also constructed sewage lines and treatment tanks while the city government constructed and maintained the drainage system.

       Here in Tagbilaran City, the Bohol Waterworks Utilities Incorporated – if we interpret their acronym right – supplies the potable water needs of the City. But it seems they are only as far as supplying potable water. There may be a sewerage system but this is no longer responsive to a fast growing metropolis. Then a private contractor, Hanjin, a Korean corporation constructing the Tagbilaran drainage as a phase in the Bohol Circumferential Road Project 2, built a drainage line along the Carlos p Garcia Avenue. This complicated the Tagbilaran drainage problem,

       Reports came out that establishments and residences along the CPG Avenue were allowed to discharge their sewage water into the newly built CPG storm drain. This is not only dangerous in case of water born disease epidemics but also illegal. Then there are reports that some low lying areas of the city are flooded when a provincial official plugged the newly constructed drainage to the sea to prevent sewage water, which had now mixed with drainage water from flowing into Tagbilaran bay.

       As the problem arose fingers are pointing to all directions except the right one. It will depend on the whether Tagbilaran is a component or highly urbanized city. If it is a component city, then it will still be under the supervision of the province. But if it is a latter, then the city has a direct responsibility over the drainage problem.

       Since Hanjin is constructing the provincial circumferential road, the storm drain they have laid down is in the main thoroughfare. Until the project is turned over to the province, the Department of Public Works and Highways has no authority over it. This leaves Celestino Adlaon of the DPWH First District off the hook. However, since the tapping of drainage pipes were in the city, this is under the jurisdiction of the Tagbilaran City Engineer.

       We do not know how it is done here, but in Manila, when an establishment or a residence wants their wash water to flow into the drainage pipe, they have to secure a permit from the Office of the City Engineer. The representative of the City Engineer, usually a foreman in the Drainage Section inspects the proposed drainage to make sure that what flows is not sewage or water from they toilet. Satisfied that it is not, a construction plan is drawn and given along with the permit. Illegal connections are heavily fine.

       Assuming that Tagbilaran is just a component city, the province, which has jurisdiction over the finished project, will have the last say. They can refuse acceptance by the time it is turned over until illegal connections are removed. But until it is turned over, the project will still be the responsibility of Hanjin.      

Congressman's Wife Will Replace Husband in 2010?

       By the way, we have it from a very reliable source that Trinidad Mayor Babie del Rosario- Cajes is really bent on succeeding to the congressional seat of her husband, Rep. Bob Cajes in the 2010 polls in the 2nd district.

       With Rep. Cajes now controlling most of the mayors and barangay captains in the area, anyone challenging him or for that matter his wife, Mayor Babie, will certainly have a lot of problems. We are wondering whether the Cajes family will be giving way to Gov. Ric Aumentado, who is reportedly casting a moist eye on Rep. Cajes seat.

       We will not surprised if Governor Aumentado would be promoting and backing up Bob Cajes as governor in the later months before the May 2010 polls. In this way, he may able to convince the Cajes family to give way to his comeback in the 2nd district.

       The question that will be left hanging would be the fate of V-Gov. Julius Herrera, whom we surmised at this time, as having been given the governor's imprimatur as his successor. What will happen to his bid if he will be left out in the ensuing Aumentado- Cajes deal? And how about Rep. Ed Chatto, whose body language show a never- say- die run for the governorship by the next elections? 

 We won't be making a calculated guess on these issues, but we know that one of them will be left out in cold, like what happened to then Governor David Tirol in the 1995 elections. Politics in this country is not only an exercise in disloyalty, but a perfected system of treachery. 

       Whatever happens to the infighting in the district and provincial levels of the present administration, will be watched quite closely by the opposition. Maybe, just maybe, the day will finally come for change. - from a column, Sunday Post

Problems at Tagbilaran City Hall

They belonged to the same opposition block in the city law making body. But when the situation called for it, there was no hesitation on the part of his partymate to declare him "out of order".   

This scenario was played up in media that cover every session day of the Sangguniang Panglungsud when Kagawad Bibiano Inting, who was acting as presiding officer, ruled that his colleague Kag. Zenaido Rama was out of order when the later questioned the session's quorum. Inting took the place of Tagbilaran V-Mayor Jose Antonio Veloso as presiding officer who was in Mindanao last Friday.

Inting was also the acting vice mayor at that time.

Friday's session became emotional when Rama stood up to request the chair to declare a recess while the quorum was yet to be ascertained.

Those present in Friday's session were Councilors Edgar Bompat, Faro Cabalit, Rameney Alturas, Lucio Balbin, Rama, and the acting presiding officer.

While the session was in progress with Rama arguing against its legality, Councilor Leonides Borja suddenly appeared  rendering the question of quorum  moot and academic.

With the session now hitting the required number of present, the presiding officer granted Rama's move for a recess.

In a latter interview with Borja, he said had the session went on without the necessary quorum, what were taken up were considered illegal. It was Borja who saved the day for the SP to go on with the session after a quorum was constituted.

Another councilor who declined to be identified voiced his opinion that Rama was correct in questioning the quorum issue only that it was out of timing.

He suggested that what should have been Rama's correct posture was to question the quorum after the roll call was made. Rama made his question when the session was about to adjourn. - Sunday Post

Philippine Oil Price Rollback Too Little

Mapasalamaton ang Malacanyang nga sa katapusan nabati na ang pag-kunhod sa presyo sa lana sa nanglabayng pipila ka adlaw.

Kini samtang giangkon sa mga major oil players nga ang pagkubos sa presyo sa lana gikan sa gawas nakatukmod usab kanila nga ipa-ubos ang presyo sa mga gasolinahan.

Gipasabot ni Presidential Management Staff Director-General Secretary Cerge Remonde nga walay kontrol ang kagamhanan sapresyo sa lana kay deregulated kini nga industriya ug mag-agad gayud sa presyo sa palait gikan sa gawas.

Sa mas ubos nga presyo sa lana sa Agosto kon itandi sa Hulyon gipapakanaug sa piso ang lito sa gasoline, krudo ug gaas sa Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp., Petron Corp., Chevron Corp. ug Seaoil Philippines, Inc. - PIA

Rape Murder Case Against Former Mayor Dismissed

The Provincial Prosecution Office of Bohol re-affirmed its decision to dismiss charges of rape and homicide against former Panglao mayor Dr. Doloreich Dumaluan, his brother and two others.

The Omnibus Resolution, which was signed by Assistant Provincial Prosecutors Ponciano Uy, Margie Tan-Alvaro, Tito Apura and approved by OIC Provincial Prosecutor Macario Delusa last August 22, 2008, resolved a motion for reconsideration and reinvestigation filed on an earlier resolution promulgated by the said prosecutors.

The panel of prosecutors ruled that there was no need for a reinvestigation as the complainants of the case were not able to present a new and material evidence to merit for such.

On March 18, 2008, spouses Eusebio and Antonia Dumaluan filed a complaint against the former mayor for the rape-slaying of their daughter Vivian whose lifeless body was found near the Dumaluan Beach Resort in Bolod, Panglao on April 2004.

Dr. Dumaluan's brother Teofredo, Narciso Maghamil and Romeo Lapinig were also named respondents in the said case.

The case was dismissed by the same panel of prosecutors in an Omnibus Resolution last June 16, 2008.

In its findings, the panel of prosecutors discussed ten assigned errors raised by the complainants in their motion for reconsideration.

The panel said it was not convinced on the testimony of the case's key witness Alex Dasco which was "in itself incredible and inconsistent with the experience of mankind".

Dasco confessed to his participation in the crime which was allegedly planned by Dr. Dumaluan on April 24, 2004 to be used in his campaign in the 2004 elections to gain the voters' sympathy.

The panel said it has to be convinced of the credibility of the testimony and not only of the witness to prevent material damage to the constitutional rights of the accused considering the charge was a capital offense.

The panel also affirmed its finding that the complainants could not present evidence to support the claim of Dasco that he was in fact employed as a driver of Dr. Dumaluan, hence, the order of the former mayor to rape and kill Vivian was incredible.

Likewise, it was also reiterated by the prosecutors that it defies logic and good reason for Dr. Dumaluan to order that the dead body of Vivian be thrown near the laundry house of his resort if the purpose and plan was to blame the crime to his political opponent.

The panel also affirmed its finding that Dasco is "a coached and paid witness" as there were "material inconsistencies as to facts and circumstances" on his two sworn statements.

Dasco's delay in exposing his knowledge of the crime was described by the prosecutors as "flimsy and unjustifiable".

The panel of prosecutors also finds the second affidavit of witness George Galo as "incredible, unbelievable, uncorroborated and its execution suspicious".

According to the panel, "the extra-judicial confession of Dasco in acknowledging his guilt to the offense charged, while admissible against him cannot be given in evidence against his alleged co-conspirators because the conspiracy to commit the crime has not been shown by evidence other than such acto or declaration. Moreover, the admission was not made during the existence of the alleged conspiracy."

Another motion for reconsideration on the panel's ruling that was filed by Dasco was likewise dismissed due to the absence of new issues that warranted the reversal of the said resolution.

The panel recommended for the filing of information for rape with homicide against Dasco.

According to the Bol-anons

Ni Cicer M. Binghay

  Matod pa sa mga Bol-anon. hadya-hay kaayo kon ikaw napiling Sangguniang Panglungsod nga nahapundok sa napiling mayor sa dakbayan, kon ang maong mayor hilig  mayoriya negosyo, minos sa serbisyo. O negosyo saksakan sa gamay'ng serbisyo. Ngano man?

  Matod gihapon sa mga Bol-anon, dili na sila maghago, kining mga Sangguniang Panglungsod pagpulaw mga bulohaton lungsodnon, kay tanan nga gusto sa ilang mayor kon unsay prohekto nga makasak-sak negosyo sa usa ka serbisyo o tukoron pasilidadis, human-daan na. Igo lang ipresentar ug idja-idja kanila mao na lamang ang pagpirma sa ilang pag aprobar sa tanan.

  Mao diay nga hadja-hay sila karon kaayo mga Sangguniang Panglungsod sa dakbayan. Walay gulo-gulo, ni timik, maghulat unsay itinga nga mga kagustohan buhaton sa mayor dayon taplak sa gikinahanglan nilang mga pirma ug presensiya sigon sa gimando nahalangkob sa Local Government Code R.A. 7160 Powers, Duties, Functions and Compensations. (1) Approve ordinancies and pass resolutions necessary for an efficient and effective city government. Xxx."

  Lagi kay atong mga Sangguniang Panglungsod walay mga timik sa bisan unsa diha sa ilang hawanan sesyonan. Ilang segurohon lamang kanunay nga anaa sila 100% nanambong matag session. Human hadja-hay na…makapadayon sa ilang naandan nga panginabuhi o profession. Permaninti mga pensionado sa isweldo sa pagka piniling konsehales sa dakbayan.

  Nagpasabot nga ang nagsunod-sunod napiling mayores sa dakbayan sa Dipolog adunay malisod tukion nga anting-anting nga makatukoy sa ilang ginsakopan. Maantigo moamoma alang sa ilang katungod. Talagsaon kaayo nga panahon sa piniliay, tanan nga mahadangop sa ilang bando o makasilong sa taliwala sa ilang payong, mahaja-hay gyod nga mahauban sa kadaugan. Ang mahasukwahi, malas lang. Dili gyod makapilas. Dili makasulod pagka konsehal sa dakbayan.

  Mao kini ang nakahatag dako nga kaayohan sa dakbayan sa Dipolog. Kining modernong paagi sa duroha nagsunod-sunod pagka mayor nga nag mugnag mga ginsakopan sa mga "manageable" kanang mga tawo mga humok, gyod goyod-goyoron nga mga hiniktan ang tagsa-tagsa ka mga ilong. Nga kon unsay gusto buhaton sa mayor, sobra pa sa magic, "presto" aprobado dayon, kumpleto tanang mga gikinahanglan kalagdaan sa gahom sa balaodon.

  Tuod wala malangan ang dugang pangutang salapi isumpay sa Dipolog Boulevard ikaduhang hugna, laing pag-utang salapi alang itukod sa Dipolog Sports Complex nga mao nay han-okanan sa nagkalain-laing pasunding ug pasundayag sa pagugnat sa kusog o mga programa kultora sa dakbayan. Dugang salapi sa Galas Feeder Port nga gihimong tuig-tuig pahatan gumikan sa tinuig danyos mahimo sa panahon mutokar ang habagat. Bahala na kon hangtod sa kahangtoran ang maong pagpahat salapi sa maong prohekto nga klaro walay kahumanan o walay kaugmaon magpadayon, basta pirmi ang tako diha ang negosyo-serbisyo alang sa kaayohan sa lungsod ug lungsoranon.

  Husto usab karon ang tanang mga bagni-timgas, dunay dagkog kwalipikasyones mga ginsakopan sa Sangguniang Panglungsod karon nga dili magpakita sa ilang pagkatinuod pagkatawo ug baroganan. Pagka karon kaha nag-utong-utong sila. Nagpaabot kanus-a nga sila adunay mga kahigayonan nga makatayada alang sa ilang kaayohan o paghatag katumanan sa ilang mga pangandoy. Ilang gitumong karon diha na lamang sa pagtigom mga pilak ug bulawan. Nahibalo  sila nga kon matapos sa kining namunoan nga naa tanan kon salapi hisgotan, kining atong mga maayong laking mga Sangguniang Panglungsod nasayod nga dili pa sila maka alta-kontra. Bisan unsaon nila, walay usa atong nakita nga makagula sa koral nga ginsakopan sa mayor nga magpalain o kaha makig atbang niining umaabot piniliay 2010.

Husto ang miingon nga "wanted" fiscalizer diha sa Sangguniang Panglungsod sa dakbayan sa Dipolog. "Wanted" tingog sa katawhan sa Dipolognon diha sa atakan balaoranan. (Press Freedom, Vol. XX No. 40)

  Credits: Press Freedom is published every Saturday and entered as 3rd class mail matter in Dipolog City. Printed by Young Printing Press with Editorial Office located at Upper Turno, Dipolog City. Tel. No. (065) 212-4343 or 212-6665

City Hall To Give Insurance To Barangay Tanods?

Insurance incentives for barangay tanods? Why not?

  Seeing the logic behind the move to motivate more police force-multipliers to actively keep crimes at bay in their districts, Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Neri Lim has directed Police Chief Julius Cesar Gornez to study the prospect of giving insurance incentives to barangay tanods hurt in the performance of their duty. 

  With the order given during the recent City Peace and Order Council Meeting (CPOC) at the Sangguniang Panlungsod Session Hall, the city mayor said he wants the city police to submit the study to his office within five days.

  The provincial Government puts up death insurance to barangay peace officers but this does not cover for the government agent's hospitalization and other medical benefits in case of job-related accidents, Gornez told the council.

  This as the city police chief assessed that criminality in Tagbilaran is still manageable, especially wit the 86.98% crime solution efficiency as reported.

  Despite the relatively high crime solution efficiency, Gornez said he'd bat for improved crime solution efficiency and a faster police response time under his leadership.

  Over the insinuation that Tagbilaran has become a Sin City, Mayor Lim reasons out that most crimes reported are amicably settled or does not necessarily involve residents.

  "Seven in every ten cases reported by the media gets amicably settled, so there is apparently no need to read all reports over the radio and put up a negative public perception", the mayor pointed out.

  Over all these problems, Gornez still cast his hopes that the community continues its key role in crime prevention. 

  Lim also vowed more police visibility as he shares a City Hall plan to acquire more Spider patrol cars to increase police mobility and patrol frequency.

  Gornez also recommended the reformatting of the city clearance system using the more widely used standards of specimen signature data-banking. 

Update on Rice Shortage

Tindahan Natin operators here requested the National Food Authority (NFA) to add 20 more sacks of rice to their weekly supply, to make it 50 sacks for retail.

      Tindahan Natin is a program of the government through the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

      Under the program, store owners can avail of loan worth P20,000 of NFA rice payable in one year.

      Being a first-class municipality, Talibon is given a slot of only three Tindahan Natin operators.

      Among them are are Eleuteria PaƱares of Bagacay, Rosalinda Cabanes of Suba and Cipriana Padin of Cataban.

      According to the Tindahan Nation operators, the present supply of 30 bags weekly is not enough to meet the requirement of the barangayfolks in this town.

      The operators channeled their request through DSWD Regional Director Teodulo Romo Jr. to arrange with the NFA-Bohol Provincial Manager Clyde Omictin to add 20 more bags to their weekly supply.

      Through the Tindahan Natin, constituents can avail of cheaper rice.

      Meanwhile, to strengthen their organization, Tindahan Natin Operators here agreed to hold quarterly meetings with their officers and yearly meeting of all TNOs in the district.

Vice Governor Distributes Medicine Kit

"Health is wealth". Vice-Governor Julius Caesar Herrera quoted the popular adage when he addressed health service providers during the turn-over ceremony of the medicine kit recently at the President Carlos P. Garcia Memorial Session Hall.

      Herrera personally handed 224 medicine kits with medical instruments to all barangay health workers (BHWs) of the 25 barangays of the town.

      They also received white t-shirts uniform which they can use when they go to communities to render of health services.

      Inside each kit were a sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, surgical scissor, clinical thermometer, gauze, roll plaster and a 120-ml bottle of betadine.

      Anecita Paredes, public health nurse hosted the distribution activity, as facilitated by Dr. Francisco Ngoboc Jr., municipal health officer.

      In his message, Herrera told the BHWs that the undertaking is one of his projects, making health services available to people of all walks of life, especially in the grassroots level.

      The provincial government is looking after the good and benefits of the Boholano people through livelihood and health aspects.

      On behalf of Mayor Juanario Item, who was out of the town then, Dr. Ngoboc expressed gratitude to the vice governor for the equipment.

      At present, the municipality has three public health nurses, 26 midwives, 25 barangay nutrition scholars (BNSs), 234 BHWs), two sanitary inspectors, and 12 operational birthing clinic.

Carabaos, Goats Turned Over to Farmers

By Angeline Valencia

     The agriculture-colored opening Thursday of Trinidad's 61st foundation anniversary catered a chunk of development to 16 more beneficiaries of the animal dispersal program of the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian (OPV) through a ceremony called passing-on-the gift.

      Governor Erico Aumentado and Mayor Judith Cajes, with the assistance of OPV's Romy Garcia, personally turned over eight carabaos and eight goats to beneficiary farmers in a passing-on-the-gift ceremony in the town's cultural center compound.

      The ceremony went simultaneous to the civic action inside the cultural center where an average of 25 constituents from each of the 20 barangays benefited from the medical and dental services facilitated through the provincial government, private sector and the military.

      The activities were preludes to the celebration of the town's 61st foundation day on September 1.

      In Trinidad, Phase 1 of the program called the Livelihood Enhancement Towards Sustainable Human and Environmental Paradigm for Bohol (Let's Help Bohol) project started with 50 heads of female carabaos worth P600,000, nine male goats worth P45,000, and 11 female goats worth P22,000, or an overall starting cost of P667,000.

      As of August before Thursday's ceremony, the carabaos had already produced 19 live offspring worth P266,000 at P14,000 each, and five goats worth P7,500 at P1,500 each.

      Passed-on were 11 carabaos worth P154,000 and six goats worth P9,000.

      This means the overall value of all the live offspring from the original herd reached P273,500 and the passed-on offspring, P163,000.

      The original herd of the carabaos were distributed to five beneficiary organizations- -ten for each- -Kapunongan sa mga Mananagat ug Mag-uuma sa Tagum Norte (KAMMTAN), Kauswagan United Farmers for Forest and Agro-Forest Resource Development (KUFFARD), Nagkahiusang Inahan sa Hinlayagan Ilaya (NIHI), San Vicente Farmers Organization (SVFO), and the Tinabangay sa Igsoong Mag-uuma Gasa ni San Isidro (TIMGAS).

      KUFFARD had already passed on all of the four offspring produced, while SVFO passed on three of the seven offspring they had produced, and TIMGAS had passed on all four of the offspring.

      Still waiting for the offspring's weaning to be passed on, KAMMTAN had already produced two offspring, and NIHI, three.

      All the original goats went to NIHI which, so far, had produced five offspring.

      Under the project's second phase called Livelihood Integrated for Food and Family Enhancement (LIFFE), the animal dispersal project bought 20 female carabaos worth P280,000, three male goats worth P15,000 and 80 female goats worth P160,000 at P2,000 each, 20 male ducks worth P5,000 and 230 female ducks worth P57,500 at P250 each, 50 male chickens worth P25,000 and 100 female chickens worth P35,000.

      This reached to an overall total cost of P577,500.

      The goats distributed to beneficiaries produced 26 live offspring worth P39,000 of which 11 were already passed on; the chickens produced 154 offspring worth P23,100 of which 15 were already passed on.

      The original 20 female carabaos were distributed to three organizations- -Mahagbu farmers organization (MAFO) which received ten; La Victoria Trim Ladies, five; and Catoogan Farmers Association (CAFAWA), five.

      The La Victoria Trim Ladies also received one male and 20 female goats that had produced 12 offspring, 11 of which were already passed on. CAFAWA also received one male and 20 female goats that had produced 14 offspring, so far; and La Union Farmers Association (LUFA) received one male and 40 female goats.

      LIFFE also distributed 20 male and 230 female ducks to members of the Pundok sa Mag-uuma, Mananagat sa Tagum Sur (PUMMATS).

      A total of 150 chickens were also distributed equally at 10 males and 20 females to each of MAFO, La Victoria Trim Ladies, CAFAWA, LUFA, and PUMMATS.

      MAFO had already produced 35 offspring and passed on 12, while the La Victoria Trim Ladies produced 45 offspring and passed on three.

      The provincial government, through the OPV, started the program in 2001 through a counterparting scheme with the partner municipalities and the Heifer Project International [HPI]- Philippines.

Seminar on Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL)

Living up to its being a child-friendly municipality, Inabanga recently sent a team to Cebu City to attend a four-day seminar on Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL).

  Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officer Artemia Samaco led the team comprised of Lourdes de la Torre also of the MSWDO, Grace Cortes representing the local Philippine National Police (PNP) and Sangguniang Bayan member Nena Melecio to the Golden Valley Hotel..

  Mayor Jose Jono Jumamoy said Inabanga does not participate in such activities for the award alone. Instead, his administration sees such awards as inspiration in order to do even more. To note, Inabanga was adjudged the Most Child-riendly municipality in 2007.

  He said the town always puts to the fore the interest and welfare of its children. It monitors their best interest. After all, he said, the children are the town's future leaders.

Learning how to handle children including CICL equips his team with the wherewithal to deal with them when the situation calls for it, hence the seminar, he said.

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Boxer Rey Boom Bautista Humiliates Eden "Anestesista" Marquez

Taking advantage of the Mexican challenger's vulnerable stance in the first round, home-grown super bantamweight Rey "Boom-Boom" Bautista found the second round to be the best time to finish the bout, with him still clutching the WBO title in the last night's match at Cebu City Waterfront Hotel and Casino, his 26th win in 27 fights. 

Bautista realized that the first round was too slow that he had to catch up with the aggressive Mexican challenger Eden "Anestesista" Marquez.

Starting slow, Bautista threw only two punches in the first round.

So he made up in the second round and must have overdone it that he sent Marquez on the canvas by a technical knockout .

The dizzy Mexican stood up at the eighth count only to suffer another knockdown at Bautista's release of a hard right hook to the head.

This forced referee Bruce McTavish to stop the bout just over a minute remaining in the second round.

Before Marquez, Bautista had already defeated two Mexican warriors as he defended his regional belt, wining against Antonio Meza via unanimous decision in December 8 last year and knocked out Genaro Camargo in the second round of their battle last April 6.