Bol-anons Help Iloilo Typhoon Victims

The cash donations from kindhearted Boholanos intended for the typhoon victims
in Iloilo City will be sent tomorrow to the Archdiocese of Jaro under Archbishop
Angel Lagdameo.

Rev. Fr. Efren Bonggay, head of the Social Action Center of the Diocese of
Tagbilaran said  P277,097.35 will be transfered to the Social Action Center of the
Archdiocese of Iloilo under Msgr. Meliton Aso. The amount generated came from
donations received through station dyRD amounting to  P200,567.35 while the cash
donations  received through the various parishes totaled to P76,500.

The fund drive was launched through "Tabang Iloilo" project of station dyRD, a
member of the Catholic Media Network (CMN) and the Diocese of Tagbilaran.

Earlier, two truckloads of donated used clothigns and canned goods were shipped
to the  Iloilo City based archdiocese through the courtesy of Cokaliong Shipping

Bishop Leonardo Medroso of the Diocese of Tagbilaran and GM Peter Dejaresco of
dyRD thanked all Boholanos who shared their resources with the less fortunate
typhoon victims. - By the Bohol Chronicle

Problem on Enforcing Bohol Coastal Law

Coastal law enforcement patrols in District 1 are tugging heavy operational cost problems, making efforts to drive illegal fishers off the municipal waters – sluggish. 

  This was the general statement of a key environment management officer at the Capitol who wished more coastal law enforcement performance, when pressed to assess illegal fishing campaign in Bohol seas.

  Capitol's Bohol Environment Management Office (BEMO) head, during a radio interview early this week publicly wished the district's Coastal Law Enforcement Council (CLEC1) could step up its campaign like their counterparts in other districts. 

  Villaber explained that CLEC 1 has three clusters, one based in Panggangan Island of Calape town, with the seas of Tubigon to Loon as its area of responsibility. The two others are in Cortes and whose area of enforcement includes Maribojoc Bay and the third cluster is based in Baclayon, which patrols the seas off Panglao island until Alburquerque .

  BEMO could not see any more problems in the CLEC 1 clusters 1 and 2, but cited the concern in Baclayon, Dauis and Panglao seas, including the one facing Maribojoc Bay. 

  In the past week, Boholanos noted a wounded dolphin stranding in Basac-Moalong in Loon, which was treated and released while a dead dolphin with wounds washed ashore in Taguihon Baclayon.

  Many believed the stranding of wounded dolphins were caused by illegal fishing in District 1 area.  

  The incident also alarmed authorities as the same areas happen to be developed for eco-tourism projects, one of which showcases the bio-diversity of the seas and its marine life in dolphin and whale watching tours.

  Years back, Bohol's won a prestigious accolade in the country for its innovative CLEC which groups towns and multiple government enforcement agencies into one apprehending team to make it effectively apolitical while stretching every available resource in a common pool. 

  Asked what are the current problems CLEC is facing, Villaber said it could be operational costs. He cited that a team would need at least 50-100 liters of fuel per patrol operations.

  But he added that the memorandum signed by the mayors on the CLEC call for contribution [for the operational costs], which has not been as implemented, causing the operations to stagger.

  "If only local government units could put more attention in the operations," he said while citing that areas like Tubigon to Loon is generally doing well with the local government support present. - Rey Anthony Chiu - PIA

Biggest Prayer Rally Against Lagman's Reproductive Health Bill

Yesterday's Catholic Church-led prayer rally has drawn some 15,000 to 20,000 people expressing opposition to the controversial reproductive health bill that is pending in Congress.

The rally kicked off with a march along main streets coming from five different points in the city.

Religious leaders of the Catholic Church, students, school administrators, government officials and mandated church organizations were all well represented in the huge rally that converged at the St. Joseph's Cathedral.

Meanwhile, Bohol congressmen Edgar Chatto, Roberto Cajes and Adam Relson Jala all maintained their opposition to the current version of the reproductive health bill authored by Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman.

In text messages to the Chronicle yesterday, Chatto, Cajes and Jala said they are all pro life and has been consistent with their position since the 13th Congress that they are against the measure seeking to control population growth.

"Bohol congressmen are not in favor of the present version of the reproductive health bill," Chatto said.

Speaking during the gathering, Dr. Rene Joseph Bullecer said the rally was the 14th which was organized by the church all over the country.

Basic Needs of Boholano People

Vice Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera yesterday said Boholanos should focus on their basic needs instead of getting preoccupied with politics.

"There are more urgent concerns that demand our attention than spending so much time on political developments," he added.

The vice-governor said people can look for ways to maximize their livelihood potentials according to their own resources.

He said they can plant cash crops on idle lands in their backyard or raise animals to tide them over.

"I am not saying that government has no responsibility over its citizens," the vice governor stressed.

Herrera said that what he means is for people to do something positive instead of doing nothing.

"There is a time for politics and a time for work. Our people should know the difference," he added.

Herrera said that if the people feel their elective officials have failed them, this should be a lesson for them to choose carefully the next time.

"It is not right for them to just complain and do nothing for themselves," he added.

The vice-governor said people have an instinct for self-preservation which they should put to good use.

He said the people who survive are the ones who prepare for the worst by doing something about it.

"If there is a shortage of rice, the ones who planted something will not go hungry," he noted.

Herrera said it is lamentable that many people spend more time following political developments without doing anything.

"Whether we like it or not, the next election is still two years away from now," he added.

The vice-governor said it will not matter much who will be elected if the situation deteriorates.- Sunday Post

Nutrition Month Celebration in Inabanga

"Go back to the basics: plant vegetables in your backyards."

  Inabanga Mayor Jose Jono Jumamoy made this appeal to his constituents during the culmination of the celebration of July as Nutrition Month after noting that people from the barangays go to the market to buy vegetables.

  "I remember that when I was younger, I observed people from the barangays going to the market to sell vegetables – not buy them," said the mayor who is only in his early 20's.

  Eating vegetables the people themselves planted not only provides nutrition to the family members but is a practical way of confronting these hard times of spiraling prices of commodities and services.

  Health, he explained, is among his administration's priorities, together with poverty reduction thru livelihood programs, population management and educational reforms.

  "As the father of Inabanga, with the cooperation of the people, the ambition to accomplish these priorities will be well within reach," he said.

  Jumamoy led the celebration being the chair of the Municipal Nutrition Council (MNC), assisted by Committee on Health Chair Nena Melecio of the Sanggunaing Bayan and Municipal Health Officer Mae Lilibeth Melicor.

  Jumamoy rallied different line agencies to highlight their services for the celebration that he deemed a success with the collaborative efforts of the town officials, employees, barangay nutrition scholars, health and daycare workers, sanitary aides, barangay-trained hilots.

  Drum and bugle corps and students of the different high schools, elementary pupils, teachers, representatives of line agencies and the private sector enlivened the nutrition parade.

  Other activities included mass feeding, nutri-quiz, physic olympics, extemporaneous speaking, spelling bee, nutrition debate and Boholano cuisine competition – the first in town. participants were the school head teachers and principal in different town in second district. Followed by a parade, culmination program and awarding during the Culmination last July 29.

Mayor Wants Fishery Council To Improve Performance

      Sunday Post - At the onset of the year's second half, Talibon Mayor Juanario Item challenged the municipal and barangay fishery councils to surpass the past accomplishment in the effort to abate illegal activities that take toll on the marine resources.

      Officers of the Barangay Fishery and Aquatic Resource Management Council (BFARMC) and the newly-elected officers of the Municipal Fishery and Aquatic Resource Management Council (MFARMC) recently conducted a one-day mid-year assessment workshop at the President Carlos P. Garcia Multi-Purpose Center (PCPGMPC).

      The event was designed to renew the commitment of the council members to do their tasks and to measure their accomplishments in the months of January to June.

      It was also conducted to formulate a more comprehensive plan of actions for the second semester of the year 2008.

      Mayor Item, in his inspirational message, challenged the new council members to duplicate the accomplishments of the previous team or even surpass it if they could.

      He proudly cited that the previous BFARMC and MFARMC set of officers surpassed the two-percent target increase in fish catch by 2.75 percent with the accomplishment of a 4.75-percent increase.

      The mayor attributed the success to the strong collaboration of the executive and legislative divisions of the local government unit (LGU) and the sustainable support of the previous council members.

      In clinching his speech, Item took pride of having attracted the attention of two major TV networks in the country- -the ABS-CBN and GMA-7- -who sent teams to conduct underwater survey of the Danajon Bank.

      At the start of the seminar, Acting Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer (MENRO) Nesto Cruda explained the activity's purpose.

      In his message, Municipal Councilor Jose Wayne Evardo, chairman of the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) Committee on Agricultural and Natural Resources, said the BFARMC and MFARMC are empowered to formulate policies related to fishery matters.

      BFAR-7 regional FARMC coordinator, Dr. Noel Alonzo, said the council is considered the recommending body of the local government in formulating rules and policies on fishery.

      He noted that at present, small fishermen are given a voice and power to recommend resolutions to the LGU in formulating effective fishery laws and policies.

      He clinched his speech with a promise to help and assist the FARMC to capacitate their council members.

      Bohol Fish Project Coordinator Anecita Gulayan asked the BFARMC and MFARMC members to support the campaign of the LGU in preserving, protecting and rehabilitating the fishing grounds of the town.

      According to Gulayan without their support, the LGU's campaign against illegal fishers would be futile.

      In his statement, Esteban Payusan, regional fisherfolks chairman, informed the BFARMC members that their primary responsibility is to support the LGU in the strict implementation of all fishery laws.

Sa Wastong Nutrisyon ni Mommy, Siguradong Healthy si Baby

     The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Jagna's celebration of the annual Nutrition Month clinched on July 29 at the Jagna gymnasium with activities that confirmed the focus on maternal nutrition, in consonance to this year's theme "Sa Wastong Nutrisyon ni Mommy, Siguradong Healthy si Baby!" culminated on July 29.

      Based on the theme, the Municipal Nutrition Council that Mayor Exuperio Lloren chairs, emphasized maternal nutrition, a critical factor in maternal health in line with the municipality's commitment to achieve the fifth item in the Millennium Development Goals in reducing maternal mortality by year 2015.

      Jagna is one of the three pilot areas of the MDGs in Bohol.

      In coordination with Jagna Rural Health Units 1 and 2 headed by Dr. Arnold Cagulada and Dr. Trish Luces, respectively, various activities were conducted, including pre-natal check up, home visit to lactating mothers and the implementation of toxoid immunization to pre-natal mothers.

      Other various month-long activities included the parents' class in almost all barangays in the municipality, search for King and Queen among daycare pupils, the usual feeding sessions for children, nutri-quiz bowl, and the drawing and slogan-making contests.

      The local Social Welfare and Development office headed by the officer-in-charge, Marcionila Reyes and daycare workers and Municipal Nutrition Action Officer (MNAO) Anita Ocmeja, Municipal Planning and Development Officer Gerry Araneta and Municipal Agriculture Officer Camilo Rizano facilitated the activities.

      During the culmination program, Dr. Cagulada emphasized on the importance of proper nutrition, especially among children, not just in the month of July but all throughout the year; and for mothers to stay healthy and safe during their pregnancy.

      In his message, Councilor Senen Lloren, chairman of the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) Committee on Health and Social Services, informed the public that with the institutionalization of the MNAO, the LGU can effectively continue to advocate proper nutrition in every household through the encouragement of backyard organic gardening because it is a basic need.

      "Being unhealthy obstructs the development of our children…but we need not be rich in order to be healthy because backyard farming does not require a huge amount. I call on the Department of Education to coordinate with our Rural Health Units so that our advocacy on proper nutrition will be fully achieved", Lloren said.

      Winners in the nutri-quiz category were also given recognition during the program. They were Mary Margarette Lomod of Canjulao Elementary School who got the first prize. Niña Marie Tagapia of Bunga Mar Elementary School who got the second, and Jesha Mae Forones of Jagna Central Elementary School who got the third.

      In the drawing contest, a student of Colegio de la Medalla Milagrosa, Ma. Princess Bermoy got the first prize, while Justin Ericson Mangyao of Central Visayan Institute-Foundation got the second, and a fellow CVI-F student Jovan Cordilla ranked third.

National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week

     In time of the birth anniversary of the sublime paralytic, Apolinario Mabini, on July 23, the local government unit (LGU) of Talibon celebrated the 30th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week at the Carlos P. Garcia Cultural Center.

      Present during the event were barangay officials, chairmen of barangay committees on social services and presidents of persons with disabilities of the 25 barangays in Talibon.

      Students of Special Education for Disabled (SPED), including the speech impaired ones led by Susan Radaza also attended the activity.

      During the occasion, the PWDs elected new set of officers for the period, 2008-2010.

      Then Mayor Juanario Item inducted the new-elected officers- -Renato Judilla of Bagacay, president; Mario Albiso of Balintawak, vice-president; Eugens Domingo of San Jose, secretary; Felix Fuentes of Zamora, treasurer; Catalino Torreon of Mahanay, auditor; Francisco Garcia of Cataban, business manager; Cresilda Bercero of Magsaysay and Rolando Lugod of Tanghaligue, , PROS.

      Municipal Social Welfare Officer Zosima Gabisan delivered the statement of purpose and said that it was the third year that Talibon had celebrated the NDPR week, while it was the 30th annual national celebration.

      New registration forms and ID cards were distributed to the PWDs after the program.

      SB Member Virginia Item, chairperson of the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) Committee on Social Services, said that Talibon leads other municipalities in the legislation of the children's code and GAD code, which both benefit the differently-abled children and adults.

      Talibon Vice-Mayor Restituto Autero said the government must give special attention to this group of people so that they will not be burden to their families, as the law also provides.

      As representative of PWD regional president Nonoy Concha, the board of director of the Bohol Federation of Disabled Person Inc.- -Gerry Bolotaolo, a blind man stressed that there are laws that provides for the benefits and welfare of persons with disabilities.

      He cited the Magna Carta for disabled persons, Republic Act 7277, an act providing for the rehabilitation, self development and self reliance of disabled persons and their integration into the mainstream of society and for other purpose.

      The law has been revised to Republic Act 9442 which now includes the 20-percent discount in hospitalization, cost of medicines, fare in any transportation, and hotel and restaurant accommodations. - By ELLA GULLE-PAÑARES

LTO Eyes ISO Certification?

By next year, Bohol will add to its numerous awards and recognition the honor of having an International Standard Organization (ISO) Compliant Land Transportation Office (LTO) here.

Joel Maloloy-on, LTO-Tagbilaran Acting District Supervisor said the city will be the first among the 17 LTO districts in the whole Central Visayas Region.

The LTO Tagbilaran District passed the initial evaluation for it to be ISO candidate and it receive P1M assistance the other month for its office rehabilitation.

"This will be a legacy I will contribute to the Boholano people and they will be proud of it," Maloloy-on said.

The various activities are now in the final process for a series of evaluation towards ISO Compliance eyed to be completed before the year ends.

LTO-Tagbilaran has posted the record of processing and issuing Student's Drivers Permit in just thirty (30) minutes while processing for New Driver's License only takes about four (4) hours.

Under Maloloy-on, the office also had reduced the activities of alleged "fixers" although some observers say vehicle insurance brokers still persist doing the same modus operandi.

LTO ISO Compliance is a step taken in response to the memorandum of Pres. Arroyo to all heads of LTO and its satellite offices to cut red tape and deliver quality public service, as contained in the issuance of Executive Order No. 605, S. 2007. 

Bol-anon Government Workers Protesting Annual Fees

More than thousand members of Bohol Provincial Employees League (BOPEL) strongly opposed the move of the union president Dr. Felino Columnas to impose a hundred percent increase of their annual dues collection starting this year.

The employees reacted sharply during the midyear general assembly of the association held on Friday morning July 27, this year at the Bohol Cultural Center this city. They said that the said increase is very impractical amidst the extreme poverty suffered by the employees today due the economic crisis.

Columnas explained that the increase is necessary to augment mortuary claim of the member also to answer the increase of the funeral services.

BOPEL Treasurer Edgar Petallar on his part disclosed that his proposal submitted to the Board is only to effect an increase of the mortuary claim among the member from Ten Thousand to Twenty Thousand pesos without asking an increase of the annual dues but it was categorically denied by the majority member of the board led by BOPEL vice president Jonathan 'Jojo' Piquero

Petallar has presented to the general assembly the Cash Flow Statement of the union for the period of December 17, 2007 to June 17, 2008 and it shows that the total BOPEL Funds as of this midyear 2008 reach to the tune of P1,389, 166.42 as against last year which only have one million pesos. - By Felix Cempron

Permanent Rehabilitation Center in Bohol Island

For the cause of poor children with disabilities (CWD), 3 representatives to pool at least a million pesos each while Capitol allots 150 square meters of space at the province-owned lot for the establishment and operation of a permanent rehabilitation center for the under-privileged.

The P3M pesos would be used to bankroll the building housing the permanent Stimulation and Therapy Activity Center (STAC) for Bohol kids at the Bohol Motorpool site.

Through Breaking Barriers for Children (BBC) project, Bohol ties up with Kapisanan nga mga May Kapansanan sa Pilipinas Inc. (KAMPI) for the organization to assist Bohol in the need for rehabilitation and non formal education training for CWDs.

KAMPI through a team in Bohol operates the soon to rise center for Bohol's children and youth with disabilities in the next 30 months, according to the understanding (MOA) signed Friday, July 25, 2008 at the LMP Building, K of C Drive.

Representative Edgar Chatto, Board Members Cesar Tomas Lopez, Aster Apalisok-Piollo signed the MOA for Governor Aumentado while Venus Ilagan penned for KAMPI and Irene Villa, for BBC Bohol.

Representative Adam Jala signed the MOA ahead before the ceremonies, BBC said.

In his message, Chatto said it is a great opportunity for Bohol to pool resources with private sectors and put up a center that would soon be a focal center for rehabilitation of special children in Tagbilaran and neighboring towns.

Over this, he lauded BBC and the provincial government for jointly agreeing on the project even as he assured that he personally supports the project.

Meanwhile, Board Member Lopez, speaking for the governor, said Bohol is committed with the MOA conditions more importantly with the infrastructure as he assures the sustainability of the project.

The MOA also stipulates that KAMPI would train parents of CWDs as well as personnel from other sectors interested in pursuing the program.

In exchange of the funds assured by Bohol representatives, BBC dispenses free comprehensive rehabilitation services to poor CWDs, supports CWDs to be integrated into the formal schools, trains parents, day care workers and barangay health workers and persons with disabilities for them to help sustain the project. - Rey Anthony Chiu - PIA

What Bea Ayala Said About Bohol Province?

Bohol arts patron and Raja Sikatuna awardee Beatriz Susanna "Bea" Zobel de Ayala declared so during the Bohol Day celebration at the Bohol Cultural Center last Tuesday.

In her acceptance speech, Zobel stressed on the three pillars of Ayala Foundation - Education, Environment and Entrepreneur-ship as guiding principles of responsible and sustainable tourism.

Zobel said that because Bohol has so much to offer, "I never tired of pointing out to people that it would be very difficult to find all these resources in one province anywhere else in the Philippines."

What she referred about are the tourism come-ons such as caves, forests, wildlife, sparkling rivers, centuries-old churches, old houses, native crafts, white beaches, coral reefs and the Loboc Children's Choir.

But such an abundance of resources carries with it a lot of responsibilities, she said, citing an adage "to whom much has been given, much shall be required."

She reminded the tourism stakeholders that it's not so much on the number of tourists coming in to Bohol that is now reaching some 600,000 or the sprouting of resorts to cater them but the quality of visitors and quality of service.

"Sustainable tourism suggests that we use local architecture and develop local styles.

Sustainable tourism also implies that the income generated must benefit the people of the community especially those at the grass-root level."

Hence, the human and natural and cultural wealth of Bohol "must be stewarded and developed for future generations" and this can only be done through sustainable tourism, she said.

She also expressed gratitude to the people of Bohol led by Gov. Erico Aumentado and Vice-Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera for the award.

Zobel said that she had been working and putting up projects, which she finds interesting and challenging. One of these is the project that developed a sustainable tourism program in Pamilacan Island, off Baclayon town, where fishers used to hunt whale-shark for a living.

Another one project is the setting up of a home-stay scheme in Baclayon town wherein tourist may opt to live with a family while in Bohol and experience the lifestyle or culture of the Boholanos.

And the third one is the setting up of a program helping the parish community of Dauis town to set up a sustainable program that deals with the church's heritage resources.

She said that she shared what she has, including her time and energy with the Boholanos because she also received "so much from this province and its people and this award is just one example." - Ric V. Obedencio

Datu Sikatuna Award Given to Bea Zobel Ayala and PPA Boss

By Kit Bagaipo - Bohol Chronicle

In recognition for their commitment to the upliftment of Bohol and its people, the provincial government bestowed the Datu Sikatuna Award to four outstanding individuals during the 154th Bohol Day commemorative program yesterday morning at the Bohol Cultural Center.

Vice President Noli de Castro conferred the Datu Sikatuna award, in behalf of the Bohol

officialdom, to this year's four awardees - Philippine Airlines chair and CEO Lucio Tan, Cebu Pacific Air president and CEO Lance Gokongwei, Beatriz Zobel de Ayala Jr. of Ayala Foundation and Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) general manager Atty. Oscar Sevillla.

Gov. Erico Aumentado said in his message that Tan, Gokongwei, Zobel Jr. and Sevilla are given the Datu Sikatuna Award, the highest citation given by the provincial government, to recognize the partnership they forged with Bohol in the field of local development, tourism and trade and industry.

Tan and Gokongwei have helped spur the influx of tourists in the province by establishing 3 airline flights each for PAL and Cebu Pacific serving the Manila-Tagbilaran-Manila route, the governor said.

"The six daily flights of PAL and Cebu Pacific have immensely contributed to the tourism industry of the province even at a time when the flights to Bohol were considered as missionary flights," Aumentado said.

In 2007, Bohol had 600,000 tourist arrivals.

Bea Zobel Jr. is cited for helping in the preservation and development of old houses in the province that are now used to host local and foreign tourists while giving the opportunity for livelihood to its owners.

Zobel Jr., who has also embarked in the restoration of Bohol's centuries old churches, is actively involved in the promotion of culture and arts in the province through Ayala Foundation.

PPA head Sevilla is likewise conferred the Datu Sikatuna Award for bringing in some P278 million in port improvement projects in Bohol's four major ports located in Tagbilaran City, Tubigon, Jagna and Ubay which are now major links of the Strong Republic Nautical Highways (SNRH).

In his speech, De Castro congratulated the awardees for their very important roles in development.

The Datu Sikatuna Awards was established as a citation of friendship and cooperation that perpetuates the memory of the Sandugo, a blood compact between a Boholano chieftain Datu Sikatuna and Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. The event that happened in March 16, 1521 is the first recorded international treaty of friendship between a native of the country and a foreigner.

Zobel Jr., in her acceptance message, said the wealth of Bohol must be fully developed not only to benefit investors but the people and the community.

She called for a sustainable and responsible tourism development for the sake of future generations.

Carmen Bohol Gets Ready for 7 New Wonders


Carmen Bohol -  The executive and legislative department of this municipality go on the stride to promote the world-renowned tourist destination of this island province - Chocolate Hills.

In consonance with the search for the New 7 Wonders of Nature, the Sangguniang Bayan headed by Vice Mayor Ramonito A. Torrefranca is attending the PCL Continuing Legislative Education Program in Naga City and to campaign for voting Chocolate Hills as one of the candidates for the global search.

On the other hand, Mayor Manuel Molina also initiated a special force in coordination with the Bohol Sandugo Foundation Inc. to go with the campaign.

During the Sandugo street dancing extravaganza today, a computer with Internet connection will be installed at the CPG Sports Complex Area available for the voting process.

Why Is Rivermaya Band in Bohol?

As part of its commitment to add festive mood to this year's Sandugo celebration, Globe Telecom Inc. in cooperation with the Bohol Sandugo Foundation Inc. brings Rivermaya live in concert at the CPG Sports Complex at 7 p.m. tonight, right after the Sandugo reenactment.

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Rivermaya, has released their first full-length studio album in five years, entitled "Buhay." The album spotlights two intriguing must-listens - the songwriting skills of Mark Escueta, Mike Elgar and Japs Sergio as well as the vocals of brand-new and equally handsome, 18-year old member Jayson Fernandez who was plucked out of a field of 500 hopefuls to become the newest brother in the Rivermaya family.

Jayson joins Mark, Mike, and Japs in delivering compelling vocals to a fresh Rivermaya sound.

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