Sports Meet in Inabanga, Bohol

The municipal government took pride in the recent hosting of the District IV Sub-Congressional Athletic Meet 2008 which proved Inabanga's readiness in terms of sports facilities.

Anchored on the theme, "Making Difference Through Sports", Inabanga's hosting drew the participation of the municipalities of Clarin, Sagbayan and San Isidro.

Collaborating efforts for the successful Sub-Congressional Meet were Local Government Unit of Inabanga headed by Mayor Jose Jono Jumamoy, Inabanga South District in-charge; Eleuterio Torregosa Jr., Inabanga North District supervisor; Grace Welder and the Technical Working Group.

Highlights included the jumping and throwing events, badminton, basketball, chess, table tennis, lawn tennis, dance sports, softball/baseball, sepak takraw, taekwondo and volleyball.

"Through this activity our youth develop sportsmanship and camaraderie, aside from attaining physical fitness and mental alertness that would shape them into better persons when they grow up and soon become good leaders in our community," according to Jumamoy.