Cesar Montano as Bohol Governor?

Bohol Vice Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera yesterday declined to comment on the possible entry of actor Cesar Montano into the gubernatorial derby.           

"There is nothing to comment on," he replied when asked about Montano's noted visibility during the Baclayon fiesta activities.           

The actor, who made an unsuccessful senatorial bid in last year's election, has been widely rumored to be casting a moist eye on the governorship in the 2010 polls.           

With Gov. Erico Aumentado no longer eligible for reelection, Herrera has loomed as the obvious candidate along with the two graduating solons, Representatives Edgar Chatto and Roberto Cajes.           

Montano however has been doing the rounds in recent months, fuelling speculations that he is also interested in the gubernatorial post.           

Sought for comment on the possibility of Montano's entry into the derby, Herrera said no one has a monopoly of good intentions.           

"To aspire for public office is the right that all citizens are entitled to," he added.           

The vice-governor said that if Montano will indeed throw his hat into the political ring, it will make the derby more exciting.           

"It will give Boholanos a wider opportunity to pick a good leader," he noted.           

Herrera said that if there are three or four candidates for the position, it means the people will have more choices.           

The vice-governor said he believes it will boil down to who has a track record of public service and who will be able to present a good program of government.           

"Our people are slowly but surely maturing politically," he added.           

Herrera said voters these days are more discriminating than before.           

Although he has not issued a formal declaration, the vice-governor obviously is next in line.           

Herrera has not denied stories that he declared his intentions to run for governor to top provincial officials just before the 2007 elections.           

He reportedly expressed this desire in the presence of Aumentado, Chatto, Cajes and Rep. Adam Jala.           

At that time, there were supposedly no objections from any of the said officials.          
Herrera served as town mayor of Calape for two terms during which he served as executive vice president and eventually national president of the League of Municipalities.           

After assuming as vice-governor, Herrera was elected as national president of the League of Vice Governors. He continues to hold the post, making history as the first president to serve in the position for three consecutive terms.