Bohol's Best Athletes Come from Catigbian?

Successful in carving a name for itself in governance, Catigbian now eyes the distinction as the next producer of Bohol's top caliber athletes

And now with a reliable athletic and sustainable program being institutionalized, the town would be proving that great athletes are not just born, they too are made. 

Aided by Catigbian Sports Council headed by Mayor Roberto Salinas, the town revisited its sports training programs and instituted reforms to produce better athletes. The results in the latest sports competitions where Catigbian fielded athletes has churned out a very promising achievements 

Catigbian emerged as the over-all champion in the recently held Sub Congressional Meet held in Cortes, and capped a high place in the recent secondary private schools competitions Mayor Salinas said, in a chance interview. 

Elated over the development, the mayor who is no stranger to discipline being a retire navy man said he was finally proven his point, the sports training program that works a month before the real competitions is the right way to get the desired results. 

From a near bottom settler in the 19 school competitors of the Bohol Association of Catholic Schools (BACS) Meet held in Dimiao, Catigbian now grabbed the seventh position, one that may be already a success indicator.  

Catigbianons however see that the recent achievements can be explained. 

They agree the Catigbian Sports Council has given their athletes a better fighting stance.

"Months of sweat and painful training has given the towns its medals and made the name of Catigbian as a force to reckon with in the field of sports," Councilor Mariano Maglahus Jr. said. 

And according to Councilor Nick Nino Ladroma, Catigbian has excelled in the different sports events during the last sub-congressional meet held in Cortes as it emerged the over-all champions. 

Ladroma, the town sports committee chair pointed out that Catigbian has success rooted on the reforms proposed by Mayor Roberto Salinas to set up a council to oversee the sustainable training of local athletes.  

Putting up an honest-to-goodness sports training program is definitely the best and most productive approach to solving the problem of poor performances, he said. 

Hosts to the provincial sports meet last year, Catigbian has been helpless witnesses of how the host district team got clobbered to a very dismal performance in the province wide competitions.  

Now wanting to get away from similar performances, Catigbian has put up a multi-sectoral sports council and planned for the yeqr-round training of their athletes.