Ubay Stock Farm

Eye Opener
Sunday Post Column

Nobody has yet prospected on the potentials of the Ubay Stock Farm, for training of potential dairy farmers. Since the days I was a reporter locally, I had already heard about the Ubay Stock Farm but unfortunately I had no opportunity to visit it. Boy, did I miss one half of my life. 

 Today, the Ubay Stock Farm could be the center training ground for those students who are interested in agriculture. Its training resources could be one where our Boholanos can pursue their dreams.

 It was not until last week when I met two Boholanos from barrio  Manga in Tagbilarn City where my elder sister Celia a teacher lives with her husband Gerardo, a retired police officer, These two Boholano applicants are graduates of agriculture but yet they do not have the one to two years experience working as dairy farmers. They were applying for jobs in as dairy farmers for New Zealand. 
They had a degree in agriculture but unfortunately, I realize that while they have the required course, they do not have the required work experience as dairy farmers... Actually there is indeed a very big shortage of dairy
farmers in New Zealand that some farmers are even willing to accept a one year work experience.
So it dawned on me  my since the rolling hills of Ubay Stock Farms
of 3,000 hectares could be an ideal training ground for a work-on-job training for otherwise inexperienced agriculture graduates. Nobody could underestimate the prospects of jobs openings for dairy farmers in New Zealand. The openings are solid and the annual  salary is NZ$34,000
 plus farmers usually provide also jobs for the wives of the free
farmers. There are also perks like free accommodation and free airfare.
During one of my impending visits to Bohol, I hope to meet big honcho
of BIT, Atty. Dionisio Balite a friend during our college days at the then Rafael Palma College now the University of Bohol. If Balite could only open two courses, like Veterinary medicine and agriculture, (even a three-year diploma on dairy farming, with a fourth year traineeship at the Ubay Stock Farm would be an ideal scenario so these graduates could find jobs at once in New Zealand. This indeed an eye opener for everybody and would certainly interest those people who want to become instant millionaires.

 I can be reached at my email address if somebody is interested to prospect on this s idea. I hope also to meet with the overall manager of the Ubay Stock Farm. The chief of staff of the governor's office Engr. Emmanuel Caberte, a good friend has promised to contact him, when I come. 
It is a piece of good news that some high schools in Bohol are being converted into vocational technical schools for these students to start them early on vocational education.

Once a despised course, now vocational education or education for trades people have become important because of the golden opportunities which await them when they finish their education.

If only these vocational high schools can offer additional courses for three years on a trade like carpentry, electricity, mechanics, etc. then we would be able to drastically reduce unemployment in the province.

Because ironically, what we have here in Bohol is a mismatch of the people that we graduate from  their four year courses, and  actual  needs . Let us be realistic. A tradesman has golden opportunities here and abroad.