Problems at Tagbilaran City Hall

They belonged to the same opposition block in the city law making body. But when the situation called for it, there was no hesitation on the part of his partymate to declare him "out of order".   

This scenario was played up in media that cover every session day of the Sangguniang Panglungsud when Kagawad Bibiano Inting, who was acting as presiding officer, ruled that his colleague Kag. Zenaido Rama was out of order when the later questioned the session's quorum. Inting took the place of Tagbilaran V-Mayor Jose Antonio Veloso as presiding officer who was in Mindanao last Friday.

Inting was also the acting vice mayor at that time.

Friday's session became emotional when Rama stood up to request the chair to declare a recess while the quorum was yet to be ascertained.

Those present in Friday's session were Councilors Edgar Bompat, Faro Cabalit, Rameney Alturas, Lucio Balbin, Rama, and the acting presiding officer.

While the session was in progress with Rama arguing against its legality, Councilor Leonides Borja suddenly appeared  rendering the question of quorum  moot and academic.

With the session now hitting the required number of present, the presiding officer granted Rama's move for a recess.

In a latter interview with Borja, he said had the session went on without the necessary quorum, what were taken up were considered illegal. It was Borja who saved the day for the SP to go on with the session after a quorum was constituted.

Another councilor who declined to be identified voiced his opinion that Rama was correct in questioning the quorum issue only that it was out of timing.

He suggested that what should have been Rama's correct posture was to question the quorum after the roll call was made. Rama made his question when the session was about to adjourn. - Sunday Post