Julius Herrera for Governor

Nobody is claiming responsibility just as yet about talks circulating around that a so-called Gang of 4 is ganging up the bid of V-Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera for Bohol governor.

 It may be because the source of the story came from opposition channels and therefore "polluted".

 A source who was described as "unimpeachable" leaked to the Post this latest political development saying that Herrera was given the option of running for first district congressman instead of pursuing his gubernatorial dream.

  "Why should I be given this option", Herrera barked when asked over the radio of  the supposed game plan of his administration cohorts.

 He said if given his way, Herrera said he will be the one to give the option to anybody aspiring for governor, not the other way around.

 The latest configuration which reportedly has the blessing of Gov. Erico Aumentado has Cong. Edgar Chatto for governor and Cong. Roberto Cajes for vice governor.

 For Aumentado, it was a potent combination given the logistics of the two who were both graduating congressmen.

 The apparent quid pro quo is for Aumentado to be handed the silver platter of running in his old Congress post which is the second district now occupied by Cajes.

 It was reported that with Aumentado's comeback bid, the ambition of Trinidad Mayor Judith Cajes to succeed her husband will have to be relegated to the back burner.

 As for the third district, the position held  by Adam Relson Jala as congressman will be turned over to his father Eladio in a game that looks every inch like a musical chair--from son to father.

 It was speculated that with the combined firepower of  the Gang of 4 (Aumentado, Chatto, Cajes and Jala) it will be political suicide for Herrera to remain in contention as gubernatorial candidate.

 Some jaded political observers contended that if  Herrera remains unyielding to his ambition, he will have to reckon with at least four swords of Damocles dangling over his head.

 But Herrera appeared undaunted. In circulation since three years ago as the next Bohol governor, he was reported to be raring to go come what may. A Chatto-Herrera showdown is viewed as opposition an giveaway arguing that if this will happen, the two popular candidates will be cannibalizing each other and any opposition stalwart will have to laugh all the way to Capitol.