Congressman's Wife Will Replace Husband in 2010?

       By the way, we have it from a very reliable source that Trinidad Mayor Babie del Rosario- Cajes is really bent on succeeding to the congressional seat of her husband, Rep. Bob Cajes in the 2010 polls in the 2nd district.

       With Rep. Cajes now controlling most of the mayors and barangay captains in the area, anyone challenging him or for that matter his wife, Mayor Babie, will certainly have a lot of problems. We are wondering whether the Cajes family will be giving way to Gov. Ric Aumentado, who is reportedly casting a moist eye on Rep. Cajes seat.

       We will not surprised if Governor Aumentado would be promoting and backing up Bob Cajes as governor in the later months before the May 2010 polls. In this way, he may able to convince the Cajes family to give way to his comeback in the 2nd district.

       The question that will be left hanging would be the fate of V-Gov. Julius Herrera, whom we surmised at this time, as having been given the governor's imprimatur as his successor. What will happen to his bid if he will be left out in the ensuing Aumentado- Cajes deal? And how about Rep. Ed Chatto, whose body language show a never- say- die run for the governorship by the next elections? 

 We won't be making a calculated guess on these issues, but we know that one of them will be left out in cold, like what happened to then Governor David Tirol in the 1995 elections. Politics in this country is not only an exercise in disloyalty, but a perfected system of treachery. 

       Whatever happens to the infighting in the district and provincial levels of the present administration, will be watched quite closely by the opposition. Maybe, just maybe, the day will finally come for change. - from a column, Sunday Post