Bohol Tourists Police Undergo World-class Training in Lost Horizon Resort

Selected policemen will undergo a highly intensive and sophisticated training, specializing on the needs of tourists, both local and foreign. They are now undergoing a one-week, stay-in training at Lost Horizon Resort in Panglao under Filipino, German, Korean and Japanese experts.

This after the National Police Commnission (Napolcom) En Banc approved the creation of the Bohol Tourist Police Unit.

After the high caliber training, they will be distributed among Panglao, Carmen, Loboc, Sagbayan and Corella. The mayors of the five municipalities are working with Napolcom Region 7, PNP Provincial Director Edgardo C. Ingking and Consultant Holger Horn.

Ces Drilon in her ABS-CBN program in 2001 said that the first Tourist Police is that of Panglao, Bohol and that other provinces intend to follow suit. That is why Napolcom Region 7 chose Panglao as the site for the first ever comprehensive tourist police training in the Philippines. Lately, Thailand has the best tourist police program in the world. However, an observer from Thailand said that the current Bohol Tourist Police Training methods would put Bohol ahead of Thailand.

Other provinces have shown interest in the project. There may be subsequent trainings at the Bohol Tourist Police Centre in Panglao to accommodate trainees from other provinces.

Napolcom Regional Director Bernardo Calibo Jr. said, the reason why Napolcom Region 7 is focusing on tourism is because tourists are becoming the main source of government revenue. There is now more income from tourism than in traditional industries. In Israel, 60% of its income comes from tourism. Spain earns more from tourism than Saudi Arabia earns from oil.

It is clear therefore why the socioeconomic development of Bohol depends to a large extent on tourism. Tourism, in turn, depends on a peace and order acceptable to tourists. Peace and order, in turn, depends on the quality of the Tourist Police. It follows therefore, that the socioeconomic development of Bohol, to a large extent, rests on the shoulders of the Tourist Police.

A former JICA head in the Philippines said that the Philippines could become No. 1 in tourism in Asia. The Philippines has an edge over the other countries because "it is only in the Philippines that we Japanese experience genuine hospitality." Apparently, this sentiment is experienced by other foreigners. The only missing element for Philippines to be No. 1 in tourism is peace and order, according to the JICA head.

In the case of Region 7, the missing element of peace and order is now in place.

Region 7 won the "Best Regional Peace and Order Council Award" recently. Region 7 does not have to wait for the rest of the Philippines. Region 7 can now proceed to be No. 1 in Asia, based on the estimate of the former JICA head. Today, the Philippines. Tomorrow, Asia.

It starts with the Bohol Tourist Police. Better than Thailand. World-class. - Bohol Chronicle