What Is Makati City Mayor Jojo Binay Doing in Bohol?

By Ciriaco Guingguing
Bohol Sunday Post
Why do you think Makati City Mayor Jojo Binay is making a big fuss in making sisterhood pacts with three Bohol municipalities?

 First off. As an opposition stalwart Binay is surely a presidential timber. Minus Erap, that's what he said. If Erap is not barred from running for president, then he can be the actor's running mate. Nice team up.

 But of course. With President GMA's approval rating at its record lows, any presidentiable getting her blessing will have to kiss his or her chances goodbye. Remember the debacle of Team Unity?

 Billed as the most hated President after Ferdinand Marcos, GMA's unpopularity cut across geographical boundaries and economic classes. This means that her disapproval ratings were already felt all over the country. She is also unpopular in practically all economic segments. Where before she was the darling of the eyes of the Visayan and Mindanao people, not anymore, this time.

 The reality of GMA losing popular support and therefore cutting a wide swath of destruction in voters' appeal, don't you think any presidential aspirant worth his marbles would not be tempted of trying his luck?

 Count Binay in the short list of presidential pretenders.

 If the Makati mayor is not salivating to be the next president, then what the hell that drives him to cut sisterhood ties with three Bohol towns?

 And Binay is it when Erap's case of seeking reelection is decided with finality by the courts.

 Back to Binay's Bohol sorties. If we have to analyze his Bohol foray, only fools would not understand that it was not tainted with political color. Giving propaganda materials left and right wherever he went is an indication that he is up for something political.

 If that is not so, then has Binay suddenly became nostalgic and sentimental that he went out of his way to look for his long lost sisters. And why Bohol of all places?

 Elementary, Mr. Watson, elementary.

 Yes, Mr.Binay is in a barnstorming tour for his political plans and this so-called sister act is nothing but a clever ploy to penetrate an administration stronghold.

 For all intents and purposes, there's  nothing wrong with that.

 In fact, everywhere he went — from Loay to Getafe to Danao, he was greeted with messianic fervor. All in the guise of sisterhood agreements. And who are the mayors of these towns but all administration frontrunners.

 Of course,  Makati's Bohol siblings are poor by any gauge if ranged against the country's financial capital. But poor they may be, the men and women at the helm are proven vote--getters.

 It must be the reason why Binay chose them in his first order of business.  

 Therefore, Binay is off to a good start, if he will invoke the sister relations once he runs for national office.

 Who will argue with this Bglante that Mayors May Lim-Imboy of Loay, Theresa Camacho of Getafe and Thomas Louis Gonzaga of Danao are not equal to the task of being kingpins in their own right.

 Not only that. Binay's trip was also reported to be coordinated by two powerful politicians in City Mayor Dan Neri Lim and Loon Board Member Yul Lopez.

 The combined votes of Tagbilaran and Loon are not to be sneezed at and Binay enjoyed the good graces of the two political giants? That's simple arithmetic for Binay's grand plan.

 Now, what made you think that Binay is not running for president or vice president, as the case may be.