Priority Projects in Tagbilaran City

Tagbilaran Mayor Dan Lim yesterday asserted that all his priority projects are in response to the needs of the city.

 "There is one thing I can promise our people, no matter what our critics say, we have no other motive but the comprehensive progress of our city," the mayor stressed.

 Lim said that while there may be those who disagree with his methods or the technology that he is embracing, no one can say that his projects are not needed by the city.

 The mayor made the remark as he expressed gratitude for the support of the people for his priority projects.

 This was based on the results of the Bohol Poll 2008, a survey conducted by the Holy Name University last April 3-20.

 The survey revealed that 98% approved of the campaign against illegal drugs while 96% agree with the move of the city government to close open air karaoke spots at 10 pm.

 As expected, 91% of the respondents said they were aware and were satisfied with the giving of free uniforms, shoes, bags and other school supplies to all elementary students in Tagbilaran.

 It also showed that 90% supported the plan to set up checkpoints in all entry points to the city even as 89% of those polled agreed with the plan to install monitoring cameras in public places.

 The poll revealed that 56% of those surveyed said the performance of the present administration is better compared to past administrations although 17% said it is worse with 25% saying there is no change.

 Lim said he is humbled by the result of the survey showing 71% of the city residents gave him a satisfaction rating compared to only 6% who said they were not satisfied and 21% who were undecided.

 "It is encouraging because it shows that in spite of what our critics are trying to do, majority of our people support our efforts and initiatives," he added.

 Meanwhile, the poll also showed that Lim's flagship projects enjoy overwhelming support.

 The survey showed that 99% of those polled agree with the concreting of roads, 95% with the construction of the water treatment plant, 89% for the establishment of a recycling plant in Taloto, the same number who support the Agora reconstruction, 84% for the renovation of the Manga public market, 66% favor the reconstruction of the Dao market and 63% back the reconstruction of the Dao terminal.

 Majority of those polled supported any move to borrow money to fund these projects.

 In his Charter Day message, Lim said it is noteworthy to point out that while people in other places are concerned about survival, Tagbilaran is aiming for progress.