Mayor Wants Fishery Council To Improve Performance

      Sunday Post - At the onset of the year's second half, Talibon Mayor Juanario Item challenged the municipal and barangay fishery councils to surpass the past accomplishment in the effort to abate illegal activities that take toll on the marine resources.

      Officers of the Barangay Fishery and Aquatic Resource Management Council (BFARMC) and the newly-elected officers of the Municipal Fishery and Aquatic Resource Management Council (MFARMC) recently conducted a one-day mid-year assessment workshop at the President Carlos P. Garcia Multi-Purpose Center (PCPGMPC).

      The event was designed to renew the commitment of the council members to do their tasks and to measure their accomplishments in the months of January to June.

      It was also conducted to formulate a more comprehensive plan of actions for the second semester of the year 2008.

      Mayor Item, in his inspirational message, challenged the new council members to duplicate the accomplishments of the previous team or even surpass it if they could.

      He proudly cited that the previous BFARMC and MFARMC set of officers surpassed the two-percent target increase in fish catch by 2.75 percent with the accomplishment of a 4.75-percent increase.

      The mayor attributed the success to the strong collaboration of the executive and legislative divisions of the local government unit (LGU) and the sustainable support of the previous council members.

      In clinching his speech, Item took pride of having attracted the attention of two major TV networks in the country- -the ABS-CBN and GMA-7- -who sent teams to conduct underwater survey of the Danajon Bank.

      At the start of the seminar, Acting Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer (MENRO) Nesto Cruda explained the activity's purpose.

      In his message, Municipal Councilor Jose Wayne Evardo, chairman of the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) Committee on Agricultural and Natural Resources, said the BFARMC and MFARMC are empowered to formulate policies related to fishery matters.

      BFAR-7 regional FARMC coordinator, Dr. Noel Alonzo, said the council is considered the recommending body of the local government in formulating rules and policies on fishery.

      He noted that at present, small fishermen are given a voice and power to recommend resolutions to the LGU in formulating effective fishery laws and policies.

      He clinched his speech with a promise to help and assist the FARMC to capacitate their council members.

      Bohol Fish Project Coordinator Anecita Gulayan asked the BFARMC and MFARMC members to support the campaign of the LGU in preserving, protecting and rehabilitating the fishing grounds of the town.

      According to Gulayan without their support, the LGU's campaign against illegal fishers would be futile.

      In his statement, Esteban Payusan, regional fisherfolks chairman, informed the BFARMC members that their primary responsibility is to support the LGU in the strict implementation of all fishery laws.