Makati Finds Sister in Bohol

For three long days, Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay discovered for himself that  his city, dubbed as the country's financial capital, has three "poor" siblings in Bohol.

 With Binay reunited with his city's sisters in Bohol, the Makati mayor lost no time in legitimizing their relations.

 Sisterhood pacts were immediately signed  between Makati and the towns of Loay, Getafe and Danao.

 But there's more than meets the eye in the sisterhood agreements, according to political watchers trailing Binay's Bohol sorties.

 It was widely believed that the sister was Binay's way of touching base with Bohol leaders who are perceived to be proven vote getters.

 And he was no less correct in choosing his first set of towns having sisterhood connection.

 A perusal of who are at the helm of Makati's sisters in Bohol would indicate they are no pushover.

 All administration stalwarts, all three mayors whom Binay agreed to legitimize their sister relations are considered political kingpins in their own turf.

 Even Binay's hosts in Bohol are also powerful politicians with big constituencies.

 It was public knowledge that Binay's Bohol visit was coordinated by City Mayor Dan Neri Lim and Senior Board Member Yul Lopez.

 While in Bohol, Binay also met with Baclayon Mayor Alvin Uy when the Makati mayor  guested during the monthly meeting of the Association of Barangay Captains of the municipality.

 Sitting on a P12 billion yearly budget, Binay is the envy of local executives for being the chieftain of the country's corporate center.

 He was mayor of Makati for 20 years starting as OIC in 1986 when Cory took over the reigns from Marcos.

 He went on to be elected mayor in l988 completing his three terms in 1997.

 Binay took a rest for three years after he was barred by law to run again. The hiatus paved the way for his wife Dr. Elenita Binay to take his place. In 2001, he sought a new mandate and went on to serve his third and final term ending in 2010.