Carabaos, Goats Turned Over to Farmers

By Angeline Valencia

     The agriculture-colored opening Thursday of Trinidad's 61st foundation anniversary catered a chunk of development to 16 more beneficiaries of the animal dispersal program of the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian (OPV) through a ceremony called passing-on-the gift.

      Governor Erico Aumentado and Mayor Judith Cajes, with the assistance of OPV's Romy Garcia, personally turned over eight carabaos and eight goats to beneficiary farmers in a passing-on-the-gift ceremony in the town's cultural center compound.

      The ceremony went simultaneous to the civic action inside the cultural center where an average of 25 constituents from each of the 20 barangays benefited from the medical and dental services facilitated through the provincial government, private sector and the military.

      The activities were preludes to the celebration of the town's 61st foundation day on September 1.

      In Trinidad, Phase 1 of the program called the Livelihood Enhancement Towards Sustainable Human and Environmental Paradigm for Bohol (Let's Help Bohol) project started with 50 heads of female carabaos worth P600,000, nine male goats worth P45,000, and 11 female goats worth P22,000, or an overall starting cost of P667,000.

      As of August before Thursday's ceremony, the carabaos had already produced 19 live offspring worth P266,000 at P14,000 each, and five goats worth P7,500 at P1,500 each.

      Passed-on were 11 carabaos worth P154,000 and six goats worth P9,000.

      This means the overall value of all the live offspring from the original herd reached P273,500 and the passed-on offspring, P163,000.

      The original herd of the carabaos were distributed to five beneficiary organizations- -ten for each- -Kapunongan sa mga Mananagat ug Mag-uuma sa Tagum Norte (KAMMTAN), Kauswagan United Farmers for Forest and Agro-Forest Resource Development (KUFFARD), Nagkahiusang Inahan sa Hinlayagan Ilaya (NIHI), San Vicente Farmers Organization (SVFO), and the Tinabangay sa Igsoong Mag-uuma Gasa ni San Isidro (TIMGAS).

      KUFFARD had already passed on all of the four offspring produced, while SVFO passed on three of the seven offspring they had produced, and TIMGAS had passed on all four of the offspring.

      Still waiting for the offspring's weaning to be passed on, KAMMTAN had already produced two offspring, and NIHI, three.

      All the original goats went to NIHI which, so far, had produced five offspring.

      Under the project's second phase called Livelihood Integrated for Food and Family Enhancement (LIFFE), the animal dispersal project bought 20 female carabaos worth P280,000, three male goats worth P15,000 and 80 female goats worth P160,000 at P2,000 each, 20 male ducks worth P5,000 and 230 female ducks worth P57,500 at P250 each, 50 male chickens worth P25,000 and 100 female chickens worth P35,000.

      This reached to an overall total cost of P577,500.

      The goats distributed to beneficiaries produced 26 live offspring worth P39,000 of which 11 were already passed on; the chickens produced 154 offspring worth P23,100 of which 15 were already passed on.

      The original 20 female carabaos were distributed to three organizations- -Mahagbu farmers organization (MAFO) which received ten; La Victoria Trim Ladies, five; and Catoogan Farmers Association (CAFAWA), five.

      The La Victoria Trim Ladies also received one male and 20 female goats that had produced 12 offspring, 11 of which were already passed on. CAFAWA also received one male and 20 female goats that had produced 14 offspring, so far; and La Union Farmers Association (LUFA) received one male and 40 female goats.

      LIFFE also distributed 20 male and 230 female ducks to members of the Pundok sa Mag-uuma, Mananagat sa Tagum Sur (PUMMATS).

      A total of 150 chickens were also distributed equally at 10 males and 20 females to each of MAFO, La Victoria Trim Ladies, CAFAWA, LUFA, and PUMMATS.

      MAFO had already produced 35 offspring and passed on 12, while the La Victoria Trim Ladies produced 45 offspring and passed on three.

      The provincial government, through the OPV, started the program in 2001 through a counterparting scheme with the partner municipalities and the Heifer Project International [HPI]- Philippines.