Bol-anon Government Workers Protesting Annual Fees

More than thousand members of Bohol Provincial Employees League (BOPEL) strongly opposed the move of the union president Dr. Felino Columnas to impose a hundred percent increase of their annual dues collection starting this year.

The employees reacted sharply during the midyear general assembly of the association held on Friday morning July 27, this year at the Bohol Cultural Center this city. They said that the said increase is very impractical amidst the extreme poverty suffered by the employees today due the economic crisis.

Columnas explained that the increase is necessary to augment mortuary claim of the member also to answer the increase of the funeral services.

BOPEL Treasurer Edgar Petallar on his part disclosed that his proposal submitted to the Board is only to effect an increase of the mortuary claim among the member from Ten Thousand to Twenty Thousand pesos without asking an increase of the annual dues but it was categorically denied by the majority member of the board led by BOPEL vice president Jonathan 'Jojo' Piquero

Petallar has presented to the general assembly the Cash Flow Statement of the union for the period of December 17, 2007 to June 17, 2008 and it shows that the total BOPEL Funds as of this midyear 2008 reach to the tune of P1,389, 166.42 as against last year which only have one million pesos. - By Felix Cempron