Basic Needs of Boholano People

Vice Gov. Julius Caesar Herrera yesterday said Boholanos should focus on their basic needs instead of getting preoccupied with politics.

"There are more urgent concerns that demand our attention than spending so much time on political developments," he added.

The vice-governor said people can look for ways to maximize their livelihood potentials according to their own resources.

He said they can plant cash crops on idle lands in their backyard or raise animals to tide them over.

"I am not saying that government has no responsibility over its citizens," the vice governor stressed.

Herrera said that what he means is for people to do something positive instead of doing nothing.

"There is a time for politics and a time for work. Our people should know the difference," he added.

Herrera said that if the people feel their elective officials have failed them, this should be a lesson for them to choose carefully the next time.

"It is not right for them to just complain and do nothing for themselves," he added.

The vice-governor said people have an instinct for self-preservation which they should put to good use.

He said the people who survive are the ones who prepare for the worst by doing something about it.

"If there is a shortage of rice, the ones who planted something will not go hungry," he noted.

Herrera said it is lamentable that many people spend more time following political developments without doing anything.

"Whether we like it or not, the next election is still two years away from now," he added.

The vice-governor said it will not matter much who will be elected if the situation deteriorates.- Sunday Post