Ubay Municipal Health Office Recognized For Excellence

The Municipal Health Office here with two rural health units had a resounding performance in the recently conducted Ligtas-Tigdas program. Both units scored over 100 percent responses from parents.

The two RHUs are under one health physician, Dr. Edgardo Ladera.

RHU I head nurse Basilides M. Pepino told the Chronicle that as of Feb. 27, supposed the last day of the activity, their unit had a 100.53 percent turnout of the estimated target.

RHU I has 24 out of 44 barangays in the municipality with a population of 4,735 of the grand total 64,860.

Pepino said that of the 21.75 percent target or 8,727 children with ages ranging from nine months to 95 months old (8 years. and 11 months old), 8,773 availed the Philippine Measles Elimination Campaign (PMEC). She added that the percentage will increase as they are still to conduct a door-to-door vaccination.

Scheduled for visits are those who failed to avail during the campaign period and also in response to request to include children aged eight years and three months.

Barangay Tapos scored the highest percentage of turnout at 127 percent while Barangay Juagdan had the lowest with 83 percent. In Barangay Poblacion, 716 responded out of 806 target or 88 percent, Pepino added.

On the other hand, at RHU II based in Barangay San Pascual, RHU nurse Julie Bersamina disclosed they had already completed the program in 20 barangays comprising their unit. She said that with the population in the area of 25,559 they set a target of 5,512. - 2004 Bohol Chronicle