Tirol-Montes Is A Model

Nuevas "Jas" Tirol-Montes modeled for advertisement print artists in the city. She was chosen for her credibility, impact and wholesome personality.

Every election, local adprint artists choose their model to rest their skills and expertise in giving concert information to influence people's choice.

Jas this time projects the happy, confident upbeat working woman with a nurturing personality as a trusted public servant. Jas said "the final print is too beautiful to be true, but it is true."

Design and concept is by Lourd Pocon and Artifacts. Assisting him are local artists and students of the College of Architecture and Fine Arts of University of Bohol headed by its Dean, Archt. Eufracio Araneta. Sandra de la Serna-Lee is the set designer. - News Archive 2004 - Bohol Chronicle