Tagbilaran Banking Hopes from AIM Survey

Mayor Dan Lim yesterday paid tribute to city residents after the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) picked Tagbilaran as one of the best places in the country to live in.

Aside from Tagbilaran which emerged on top in the small cities category, the others cited by AIM were Makati for metropolitan cities and Cabanatuan for mid-sized cities.

The three cities were among the top 25 performers in the institute's 2007 Philippine Cities Competitiveness Ranking Program.

"This honor is in recognition of the efforts of our city to uplift the quality of life among its residents," the mayor added.

In the AIM survey, quality of life takes into account social welfare, peace and order, the quality of the living environment and amenities.

He said the recognition is an opportunity for the people to reflect in the light of the prevailing crisis in the country.

The mayor noted that the recognition is a message to big business on the lookout for investments.

"Coming from a respected voice in the industry, they have an assurance that Tagbilaran is ready for investors," he added.

The mayor said the recognition is also a sign for banks, agencies and lending institutions that Tagbilaran has the capacity and the determination to pay for its investments in infrastructure and other projects.

"Whatever capital they lend will return to them," he noted.

More than anything else however, the mayor said the recognition pays tribute to the city's resolve not only to persevere in times of crisis but even to aim for progress.

Lim said the AIM study that resulted in the recognition has given the city a new resolve to work harder.

"We express our gratitude to our people for their confidence and especially their support as shown by the survey conducted by the Holy Name University ," he added.

He said it is the people themselves who are the best judge of the quality of service they have experienced.

The mayor recalled that not too long ago, the city was the object of ridicule by visitors and tourists because of the "monument to government neglect" which was the Agora.